Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nails & Novels

In this instalment of Nails&Novels, I am showcasing the magazines that are stuffed in my handbag at the minute. Novel they are not, but great reads nevertheless.
My all-time favourite magazine is Shop Til You Drop. I am a material girl and this never fails to delight me, I have found a best friend in it's pages. I reread every copy over and over, and they have their own shelve on my bookstand. Grazia, on the other hand, is one I can read within an hour. I love it (especially the beauty pages) but wish the happiness was longer lasting. It is a weekly publication, which is a win! I have a subscription to both of these titles. Cleo is a newcomer to my mag-fam, I won a 6 issue subscription in a Foxtel promotion when Park St. was on. Not something I usually buy as it always has too many sex-themed articles, I've still enjoyed the change. *Edit. The new Grazia is now in my handbag,too. Quick turnover,love it.

 The polish I am wearing is NYC's Snazzle. I'm choosing not to upload a picture of it on my nails close-up, as I am embarassed at the state my nails are in. (If anyone has any cuticle+nail solutions floating around, let me know-please!!) Snazzle applied nicely, and I couldn't stop staring at how beautiful and metallic it was. As I am pretty slack with my nails in general, I prefer these $2 polishes as I love the quality and have no regrets wearing them on my nasty nails.A win, of sorts. I picked this polish up from my local chemist, was in a bin with a stack of Ulta3 shades.
What are you wearing at the minute? Are you loving shimmery metallics as much as I am?
And what is YOUR favourite magazine?
emmabovary xx


  1. Ooh one of my fave all time metallics is ulta3 Envy <3 My current fave mag is Instyle :)

  2. ulta3 and NYC have so many nice colours. Will have to check envy out=) Glad to have you back, Jade.

  3. I rarely paint my nails, mainly because I get upset by how quickly the polish chips and feel like I've wasted my time. But I actually have paint on my nails right now, unbelievably! It's a pale lavender from OPI's Shrek collection called something incredibly silly that I don't recall. But the colour is perfectly springlike and it's stayed in place quite well so far :) I tend to buy OPI polishes mostly, mainly because I buy them when I've just had my nail done! (Defintely a bad habit.)

    Grazia sounds amazing, by the way. I wish we had weekly magazines in Canada!

  4. Snazzle looks gorgeous! I've just written a review on Bloom Gypsy Gold in my blog. Do check it out if you have the chance! I think your NYC Snazzle and my Bloom Gypsy Gold are a perfect match =)

    I read a few mags and it difficult to choose only one! I love reading InStyle and Cosmo.

  5. Cee- I loved the look of the Shrek range when it came out, especially the lavender shade. I just can't quite work with the OPI formula, always peels from my nails. And Grazia is great, being weekly should be adopted by Canada! x

    Rose-I've not seen the new Bloom shades, I will have to pop past Myer and see. I'll head over and see what you thought of it now=)x


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