Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vanilla For Everyone- A Guest Post

I follow a huge number of blogs and like them all for different reasons, but there are only a few I follow that focus on perfumes. I find perfumes incredibly hard to write about as my understanding of them is incredibly basic- I know what I like, and what I don't. When I read Su's ravings about scents on My Perfume Diaries, I fall into a daze of admiration and appreciation for the scents she describes. I find her way of writing about scent approachable and less daunting than other blogs I have come across, and that keeps me coming back with each new post. I was a cheeky wee blogger and figured since I didn't want to taint any fragrance with a sloppy review of my own, I would ask one of my favourite bloggers to whip up one for me! I present Su, and her amazing review on all things vanilla!

When someone says 'You're so vanilla', they mean boring and ordinary. Vanilla is totally the opposite in perfumes. I think Vanilla is the most exciting note used in perfumery. To many people, vanilla perfumes translate to tooth-achingly sweet and cloyingly unwearable fragrances. Let me tell you, Vanilla is so very versatile and multi faceted. If you want to smell chic or like a walking cup cake or like the sexiest vixen/fox or just want to feel relaxed, there is a vanilla for you. So, let's see the vanilla note through a kaleidoscope!

The Body Shop: Vanilla Perfume Oil
The beauty of this perfume lies in its simplicity. Warm, cozy and feels like a hug. It always puts a smile on my face. Perfect perfume to wear on a cold winter's night that will be spent curling up on the couch watching TV.

Jessica Simpson: Fancy
This one is so yummy, like burnt sugar-caramel-toffee-cotton candy-sweet vanilla, that is made into a wearable perfume with hints of vague florals and fresh fruits. It is gourmand but not cloyingly sweet. It dries down into a sweet laced, chic, floral musk. It is my most complimented perfume, by mostly women!

TokyoMilk: Dead Sexy
Whoever said that all vanillas are not suitable for hot weather?! Dead Sexy is a woody vanilla that is so amazingly light and fresh. The sandalwood and ebony add the depth making the combination is really unique. It has that cute but feisty feel to it! This casual perfume is ideal to wear on a shopping day out or for a picnic.

Ava Luxe: Love's True Bluish Light
Wow, don't you just love the name?! It is a delightful perfume. Imagine the smell of clean skin. Now imagine the clean skin dusted with light vanilla. That's exactly how it smells! Based on just two components, Vanilla and Musk it is simple, uncomplicated and close to the skin. It is one of those 'your skin but better' scents!

Guerlain: Shalimar
Shalimar is such an iconic perfume. Even though it is based on the concept of love, it has the reputation of being a 'bad girl' perfume. It is heavy, powdery, animalic, deep, dark vanilla. Personally, it is my all time favourite scent.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Snake Oil
This perfume oil is the sexiest and most magnetic vanilla based fragrance that I have even smelt! It is rich, woody, incense-y with a hint of spices, just right! It makes anyone smell smokin' hot! Not to mention, compliments galore when you wear it!

For The Man
L'Occitane: Eau de Baux
This is a little gem from L'occitane that can easily pass off for a very expensive fragrance. It is constructed on creamy vanilla and incense with some mild spices and base of a smoky leather. It is for both his soft side and the masculine side. Don't hesitate to sneak spray a few drops on yourselves ladies, it makes you smell yumm!

Tom Ford: Tobacco Vanille
Wow, this is a mind blowing vanilla with the highest quality tobacco, green and fresh. It is sexiness in a bottle. If you want your man to smell like the most irresistible thing in the world, buy it for him and share it! It smells awesome, sultry but oh so classy, gender doesn't matter!

Guerlain: Double Spiritueuse Vanilla
The most exquisite and expensive vanilla! It is creamy, smooth and rich with lots of booziness (the most expensive cognac or is it bourbon?) It had the right amount of headiness and comfort with a sophisticated feel! 

I can go on and name many more vanillas because vanilla is never boring! So, which vanilla will you be wearing today?

A huge thank you to Su for her amazing post, I am so happy to have a slice of perfume heaven on my slice of the interwebz, and on a scent I love like vanilla no less! Please head over to Su's blog and follow her if you haven't already- I'm sure her reviews will have you adding to your perfume wishlist in no time!


  1. LOVE this post! I thought I knew pretty much every vanilla perfume, but you've given me some for my list!

    An ex-boy of mine wore the L'Occitane (gifted by moi)omg sooo good! I should have stolen it back :D

  2. @Bailey how great is Su's list!! I had no idea the range of vanilla that existed, I feel miles more knowledgable now! The only one out of those that I have personally sniffed is the body shop oil, for shame! xx

  3. Thanks Emma, for all the kind words and for the post :)
    Also glad that you like vanilla yourself, sniff all of these and let us know your fave!

  4. I think the Body Shops Vanilla was the first perfume I ever bought with my pocket money as an early teen :)

    Am dying to try Shalimar. I feel like if I smelt it and didn't like it I'd probably make myself wear it anyhow on account of the awesome.

  5. Great post. So I'm a comfy vanilla lover cos I've got The Body Shop's oil, hehe!

  6. OMG Fancy is my favorite fragrance EVER!

  7. @Su thank you so much for writing it for me! I will try to sniff all of them soon:) I wore a vanilla birthday cake scented perfume today and was chuffed with myself:)

    @Suzanne Pretty sure it was my first perfume too! I'm sure Shalimar would smell awesome on you.

    @Vita I am a comfy vanilla lady too, gosh we rock

    @GABY I haven't smelt it, how crazy is that!! Will definitely suss it out asap

  8. I'm a vanilla fan, and I love lots of those. I wore Snake Oil today for the first time in ages, and I might crack out my precious sample of Tobacco Vanille tomorrow.

  9. @Dee you have sent me some really nice vanilla fragrances! I've been wearing them all week! Glad to hear you're loving vanilla atm too, I find they go so well in the heat even though I see them as winter fragrances.

  10. *EEEP* I want to try Shalimar and Tobacco Vanille!!!

  11. love this post!!!I adore vanilla scents and i'm always on the hunt for them.

  12. @Jade I really want to try them too, I'm getting more excited about scent so it's tempting

    @Priyanka :) can never have too many vanilla scents, they're the best

  13. Hey Miss Emma

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

    CHeck out all the info here :)


  14. Hello! I love your blog so I thought I'd let you know...

    I've just nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! :)

    Jump onto my site to see the details, and you can nominate your favourite blogs too!

  15. oh my i really need to get my mitts on the Ava Lux fragrance. it sounds divine.


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