Tuesday, December 6, 2011

one of my other loves

When I began emmabovarybeauty, my intent was to fill the online pages with all of the things I loved in life- food, beauty and adventure included. As most of you would know, it is now primarily beauty based, with some snippets of my life thrown in whenever the mood hits. I find beauty in cosmetics and it is definitely a major passion of mine, but I also find joy in things some might find mundane... 

One of the big things that brings beauty into my everyday life is always tucked into my handbag next to my powders and glosses-stunning stationary! My love for 'back to school' season cemented my nerd status among my family, but nothing filled me with more joy than perusing the stationary isle to choose my new school notebooks and pens. This love hasn't waned as I've grown, and has actually intensified since this newcomer hit the block...
Pure heaven for stationary lovers, Typo is a cheeky concept from the Cotton On group that is a favourite of mine. They constantly refresh stock so each visit will bring new items to add to your wishlist, and the best part is their reasonable price tags. They stock such items as laptop bag (which are great, Candice has one) desk clocks, folders and dividers, notebooks and diaries, stamps and canvas prints among a range of other things. They always have French themed goodies which set my heart aflutter the most.

A Parisian Dreamer indeed
The notebooks are very sturdy yet still flexible and fit really well in even my smaller handbags. They have an elasticated closure to keep any notes you place inside safe, and as you can see the designs are gorgeous! One of my most recent aquisitions is the notebook above, in which I write list after list after list as well as any blog related information. I always have it on me, I'm one of those people ;)
 Just a small selection of some of my spinout notebooks. I use them for uni and for writing exercises, I adore them. The small spinout notebooks retail for $4.95 each but you can pick up 3 for $10 which make them even cheaper.
On my last trip to Typo I saw these little self inking 'tramp stamps' at the registers and couldn't say no to the little one that said 'bonjour'. It was only $2.95AUD and they also had a cute moustache stamp among heaps of others.
Typo is one of the first spots Candice and I hit when we go out shopping together, and I love that they are an affordable way for me to nourish my stationary love.
Are you a fellow stationary lover?
Have you picked up any favourites from Typo?
(These items were all purchased by me and I am in no way being compensated for my review (though it would be a dream come true if I was!) ) 


  1. I can't resist a stationery store either, and typo is a good one :)

  2. I'm a totally stationary geek too! I Loove those notebooks! great post :D

  3. Mmmmm I am in need of a typo hit. Have been lacking since not leaving my house much of late!
    FRIDAY! wooo

  4. GORGEOUS! I love love love Typo!!!

  5. I've just discovered Typo recently and fell in love! I got my 2012 diary from there and everything is priced so low! Had to restrain myself from buying everything in the store, love stationery as well!

  6. I love buying new notebooks etc :)
    Im also in uni so I need a few of those notebooks and I never by the plain ones :) They have to be special. Its so much more fun then to bring them out and do work in them :) haha
    Sure a lot of work is done on the computer now a days, but there are things that I like to do in the notebooks too :)

  7. I'm not allowed to go into Typo anymore. The boyfriend literally has to drag my whining self out of there before I buy more stuff I don't need :P

  8. I love this store!! Mum took me there recently and I got some xmas pressies, it's such a cute store and the stuff is so cheap. I got one of their 2012 diaries its the party one and has so many cool little things in it! Love it xo

  9. @Omega stationary stores are the stuff dreams are made of;)

    @Ling they have such super cute stuff

    @Bailey I'm glad I'm not alone! Notebooks are so cute yet so cheap!

    @Candi we need to stay away from there! we will def go next week I need to get Lara stuff for xmas from there

    @Annica I adore Typo <3

    @Megsy I haven't had a diary from there yet, I've stuck to my Target bought love, but might have a look.

    @shortylegsbeauty I can't buy plain ones at all anymore, a lot of the time they're more expensive anyway! I handwrite a heap as well as use the comp so I know exactly what you mean:P

    @Clare my man just hands over his wallet and waits out the front lol

    @Hannah it's so nice to be able to find nice stationary that is gift worthy isn't it! I really should check out their 2012 diaries... :)

    Thanks for the great comments ladies!


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