Monday, December 5, 2011

Girls On Film!

Smashbox are a company that I have a soft spot for, as I think that they consistently create meaningful and interesting collections with high quality products. One of their recent releases is no different, with a theme built around the idea of a studio and the act of capturing, you guessed it, girls on film! The palettes and liners look really nice, and I was kindly sent a gloss in Overexposed to try. The natural toned gloss and cinematic theme got me thinking about my favourite film stars of recent years, and the first gorgeous girl that popped into my mind was Kate Hudson. I think she would adore this Smashbox gloss from this collection, she tends to rock nude style lips with a bit of a smoky eye and this fits the bill perfectly.
love the film tie in with the product names- a cinema students dream!


a shot in artificial light to demonstrate how peachy this can be
As this is a sheer colour gloss, it doesn't provide a strong pigment but washes the lip with a glossy peachy pink tint that is ultra flattering. This has hardly left my handbag since I received it, as I find it is the best gloss to pop on without a mirror and have on the run because it would suit so many looks. I have a stack of strong coloured glosses in my collection, and this little beauty was something I really needed for that everyday lip look. I've shown it above next to Nars Turkish Delight to demonstrate how peachy it is in comparison- I think that is what makes it so naturally wearable.
Not as opaque as Turkish Delight, and much more of a peachy pink shade when compared to the candy floss pink of Nars. I find that I reach for my Smashbox gloss a lot more than shades like Turkish Delight because though I do like it, it doesn't go with everything the way Overexposed does.
The gloss is quite thick and has a sort of waxy feel in its slight stickiness, but compared to super sticky glosses (MAC Dazzleglasses, etc) it is much more comfortable on the lip. I have a few lipglosses from Smashbox, and I love them all so I feel confident in that aspect of the brand. The smell of this gloss is phenomenal, it reminds me of the well-known vanilla smell that MAC lip products have, but this has something else to it, perhaps a caramelly edge, which makes it a joy to reapply during the day. I would highly recommend this gloss if you don't mind a bit of stick in your glosses and are a fan of moreish scents in your lip products.
Overexposed retails for $26.95AUD and is available from Kit Cosmetics (link here) in Australia. Search for international Smashbox stockists here!
*This product was provided for consideration for review from EGPR, which in no way affects my opinion or review of the item. Honesty, always.


  1. @Annica it would look so darn pretty on you, especially when you do a smoky eye:)


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