Monday, December 19, 2011

Stocking Stuffers Under $20!

I've been a good little Christmas elf this year and have had my gifts on layby for quite a while now. Instead of joining the Christmas rush all I've had to do is head out for a coffee with Chris once a week and pop some money onto them, and chuckle at those running around like headless chickens. No matter how prepared I am, however, there are always those little extras needed to plump up a gift and add a little extra shine to Christmas day. These, my friends, are stocking stuffers, and I'm here to share with you the best of the bunch that won't break the bank.
These little beauties are the perfect thing to pop into a girlfriends gift or a Kriss Kringle, and being under $20 means you don't have to think twice about them.
Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream
This big ol' tube of amazingness smells like My Cherie Dior perfume and is only $11.95 for this huge size. It's non greasy and sinks in quick, and is something I would be happy to receive as a gift any time of the year. I think of handcream as an exciting luxury while still being necessary, so this ticks all boxes for a wonderful stocking stuffer.
 It's available from Kit Cosmetics, check it out here.

MOR Perfume Rollers
I have this in the Lychee scent which I took away with me when I went to Thailand and Malaysia last year, and it will forever be my 'holiday scent'. Chris sighs every time I wear it and we drop into a daydream about pristine white beaches and snorkelling the days away...I digress. This scent is perfect for hot summer days and the roller ball is fine in the heat and when travelling. It comes in a range of scents so you can choose one to suit the giftee! At only $19.95 for 9ml it's a great fragrance to throw in a stocking this Christmas.
Available from Myer and anywhere you spot MOR!

Bloom Mini Soap Trio*
I received the 2010 version of Bloom soaps in my Kriss Kringle and was elated! Even though I am a shower gel kinda lady, I found these to be beautifully scented and very moisturising, not to mention totally cute! Last year they came in a Christmas cracker tube, and this years offering is just as gorgeous, and just as affordable at $9.95. A thick cardboard box housing Moroccan Mint, Lemon Verbena (my fave!) and Rose and White Flower and tied with a cute ribbon and tag, this gift couldn't be easier if it tried.
Available from Myer stores and anywhere you buy Bloom!

Australis Paparazzi Perfect Eyeshadow Palette
I have two of these little beauties, and the Frock and Roll palette is definitely my favourite! For only $15.95 you get 5 soft and pigmented shades that compliment one another perfectly, and for budding beauty lovers you can't get a better product than that! I use this all the time as I adore the top grey shade a lot, and the coral and orange shades are surprisingly wearable despite being a little 'out there'! Australis have revamped their style and it's done great things for their image, they are one of my favourite 'drugstore' brands now! The packaging for this palette will wow when popped in a stocking, so all you have to do is choose which variety out of the 4 they'd like best!
Available from Priceline, KMart and Target stores.

Bloom Boost Lip Balm Trio*
I was kindly sent two of these lip balms when they were launched a while back, and despite not being a lip balm lover, I fell head over heels for them.They are so moisturising and the scents are quite natural, if you like the Boost juices you will adore these fruity goodies. Bloom and Boost have created a trio pack just in time for Christmas which would make amazing stocking stuffers for ladies of all ages! (Chris is partial to the Berry balm, as an aside) For $14.95 you get 3 gorgeous balms in a cute little box with a 'share the love' swingtag.
Available from Myer stores.

Essence Nail Polishes
I am terrible at taking care of my nails, and so shudder at the thought of spending large amounts of money on a polish only for the effect to be ruined by my jagged cuticles and uneven nails. These two shades are from the new Vampire Love range and are stunning! They are around the $3 mark, while the smaller permanent range of nail varnishes are $2.55 AUD. They make some really great glitters that would be excellent for little sisters or nieces (or even older sisters and Mums!)
Available from Target stores Australia wide.


I would love to receive any of these in my stocking come the 25th of December, and I hope they've been helpful for those on the lookout for little extras this Christmas.
This week I'm hoping to roll with a Christmas theme so I hope you enjoy this first instalment!



  1. great little gifts!! I'm getting my sister-in-law a little box of things like this :-)

  2. @Chasing Cait thanks for stopping by:) It's great to make personalised presents like these, too cute :) I'm sure your sister in law will love it!

  3. Great ideas here! I'm always looking to try new hand creams so that may just be my little guilt-free gift to myself.

  4. oooooh the MOR rollerballs sound like a fantastic idea *runs off to buy one before my holiday*

  5. Great things :) Well I haven´t tried any of them but they seem to be great :)
    Ive heard many great things about the Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream :) Im a huge hand cream junkie ;)
    My eyes are also immediately drawn to the Australis Paparazzi Perfect Eyeshadow Palette cause Im a huge eye shadow lover ;)

  6. @Vita for the size,packaging and scent, I'd say Hand Food is definitely a good present for yourself:)

    @Tegan I never risk taking a whole bottle of my good perfume, it's a rollerball or atomiser all the way:)

    @shortylegsbeauty the palettes are so cute, and such great quality considering the price:)

    @Jerry exactly. Couldn't love them more if I tried!


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