Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Exploring Kleins Perfumery // Beauty Places

Stepping into certain beauty stores is a bit like entering a completely different world - Priceline gets my heart pumping every week, Myer gives me access to the most popular luxe brands and then comes something out of the ordinary - Kleins Perfumery.

Once you set foot in the small boutique on Brunzwick Street in Melbourne's Fitzroy, you immediately notice the ambiance they have created in their tiny space, despite it being filled to the brim with beauty products. Taking a look online, Kleins themselves points out the 60 square metre floorspace and the fact that over 80 different brands reside there. It's not only the unique feeling of the store that is impressive - the random brands that are hard to find elsewhere are sitting upon the shelves lookin' pretty shiny.

(Just note that this isn't a sponsored post or anything like that - I just snapped some pretties in the store and wanted to share it with you all!)
Aesop, the popular skincare and body brand that is renowned for their clean and sleek packaging.
Lollia, first introduced to me via Getting Cheeky which sparked my interest primarily in the beautiful hand creams from the brand.
Bite Beauty - I need to get my hands on some of their lipsticks, pronto!
Some beautiful candles can also be found in Kleins, perfect for indulging or gifting to those who are hard to buy for. As well as the brands I've shot above, some of the standouts for me include:

-Badger Balm

-ELEVEN Australia
-Juliette Has A Gun
Pretty impressive, non?

Kleins Perfumery is located at 313 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Melbourne and if you reside in Australia you can also shop online! I think my next purchase from there will be something from Bite Beauty - I've not yet tried the brand but curious about it.

What is your favourite beauty place?

Emma x


  1. I love that place! So hard to walk out of there empty handed - and YES you do need to try a Bite Beauty lippy! They are amazingly moisturising!

    1. It's so nice to browse around in, so relaxing! I really want to try one of the matte lipsticks I see everyone raving about, the ones in a skinny tube!

  2. Bite Beauty... a brand that I am VERY interested in. Especially their Agave lip mask :) Have heard many great things about their lipsticks too :)
    The Lollia hand creams are so pretty :)

  3. I love boutiques like these! It's totally like a candy store.

    I wouldn't bother with Lollia hand creams if you're looking for serious hydration. They're pretty and smell nice but kind of overpriced if you want quality over presentation. But I heartily recommend Voluspa candles. :)

    1. Totally candy-store-esque!
      Good to know re: Lollia hand creams, I don't need a heap of hydration most of the time but I have so many hand creams as it is.


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