Friday, June 24, 2011

Endota Spa Hand Cream- Lavender and Alpine Pepper

Alpine Pepper

Endota Spa Hand Cream in Lavender and Alpine Pepper

A powerful scent that takes some getting used to, this non-greasy hand cream is a staple in my handbag. Takes a minute to sink in, and then I'm left with super-soft, gorgeous smelling mitts.
I'm not lavender's biggest fan by any means, but when it's paired with alpine pepper?
Muchos respect!

emmabovary xx

Product was also mentioned here!

(Product provided in Primped goodie bag 2010-
 which does not affect my opinion or review of the product)
(Alpine Pepper image taken from


  1. I had this one too (in the primped bag 2010) quite liked it, found the smell really relaxing hehe :)

  2. Me too! Didn't think it would be something I'd like, but I really did.x


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