Thursday, June 16, 2011

L'Oreal Sublime Mousse

A serial home-hair-dyer, I always call on Mum (or Chris' Mum) to dye my hair while I read a magazine. Perhaps it is me striving for salon service at home, but sitting in a chair lazily and having awesome hair shortly after is something I'm fond of. However, regular dyes never fail to stain my head,my clothes and anything else I come into contact with. I am also constricted to the schedule of another- I have to organise a time that suits the Mumma's, and it's never in time for important events I want sexy hair for...
In steps L'Oreal's brand-spankin' home hair dye.
I chose colour 53-Radiant Golden Brown, a lovely shade of brown that has golden highlights dancin' all over my mop. For the first time, I attempted this all by myself! And, just quietly, I rocked it!
Mix solutions together, by rolling NOT shaking
Using glove, with clothes protected by a towel, pump foam 2-3 times to begin.
Using a pump or 2 at a time, massage into hair as you would shampoo
Keep going until all of hair is covered, and massaged in well.
The foam does not drip, and sort of 'dries' in hair
Leave for 30 minutes
Rinse out, use conditioner provided
*Fruity scent, especially in conditioner which smells amazingly of grapefruit
*Easy to use all by yourself
*No drip, no fuss
*Beautifully natural shades to choose from
*Affordable price point, retailing for $17.95 (I've seen it on sale for $11.95 already!)
*Only natural shades to choose from
*My hair is quite dark, and this light-ish colour did not cover that (meaning, the colour is spliced throughout my hair rather than covering it all) This is through no fault of the product, as this happens with every dye but the super-dark for me. Just somethnig to consider when selecting a colour
A great offering from L'Oreal Paris and a wonder product for hair-dye newbs like myself, I will certainly be choosing this for my next hair dye adventure!

emmabovary xx

Please note, this product was sent for consideration from beautyheaven, and a shortened review of this item by moi is on the product page for L'Oreal Sublime Mousse over there.
Also note, no image of my hair is featured because of aforementioned 'splicing' of colour- picture would not do product justice!


  1. I bought a box of that too (in the darkest brown colour) so I'll be doing it again soon. Only cos I failed with another mousse and I was left with a giant patch of light hair colour on one side of my head. Hot.

  2. Yolanda- Ohh what other mousse was it? I hate it when it goes patchy, the worst.


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