Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Essence-Return to Paradise

Introducing a brand that I have a huge cosmetic-crush on right now- ESSENCE!
A German brand, this is what they have to say about themselves:

Essence cosmetics, the must have in beauty: trends, fun, unique – but never expensive! With a striking range of quality cosmetics, essence is the ultimate brand for all beauty queens.

I've always thought this brand was a cutie-patootie, but could never get my hands on more than a few items at my local Priceline. I then saw that my local Target had the new range!!
Return to Paradise

 Essence stand at Target 

Essence Return to Paradise display

I picked up a few items from the collection, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I have since returned twice to pick up more from both this range and their permanent range. Gorgeous products at crazily affordable prices are my weakness, it seems! All of these hover around the $5 mark, which is awesome.

Essence Oil Control Paper

Essence Oil Control Paper packaging
These papers retail for less than $5 from memory, and I've found them to be great to touch up with during the day. The slim packaging fits into my makeup bag with ease, and they leave no residue on the skin after use.

Essence Shimmer Powder in Flamingo Pink
I have a huge crush on this product, I love it so much that I've already picked up a back-up (darn limited editions!) A separate post on this is warranted, and will be up next week. It's love, guys.

Essence Teal Liquid Liner
A gorgeous colour that I couldn't resist, the super fine line applies well on hand. Am yet to try on eyes, will include this in a FOTD soon.

Essence Trio palette

Essence palette with swatches

Pigmented and smooth, these are great for the price though the packaging is slightly bulky, it's nothing too major. Love all of these colours, especially when paired together.
The packaging and design of this limited edition range is ace, such summery looks that are brightening up my winter mornings. I highly recommend Essence and suggest you head down to your local stockist to peruse this fabulous new collection (if I haven't hauled it all up already!)
Bourke Street Priceline down in Melbourne has a decent Essence range, though no limited edition collection as yet. Find more stockists at the Essence Facebook page:

emmabovary xx


  1. Aww cute, wonder if my local Priceline has this brand mmm :)

  2. I have an eyeliner from Essence and it simply great! Great post, so many new products to check out :)

  3. I love the look of that liquid liner, teals always suck me in! The shimmer powder looks good too, looking forward to your post on it (:

    I wish Essence was easier to find in Australia, it's not stocked anywhere near me ):

  4. Jade- my locals only have a handful of things, but the brand is worth searching for!

    Su-I'm so glad to hear that, there are some permanant ones that look nice and I'm yet to buy them

    Ashleigh- It's such a deep, stunning teal. Sigh! the shimmer powder is the bomb dot com, for reals. I'm hoping Essence will spread all over Aus, make them easier to find.

  5. My Cousin loved the nails polishes and gloss :D
    Love ya Em

  6. Melissa- how could she not, they are adorable!! xxxx

  7. I don't think I've ever seen this brand! :/ BOOO!

  8. I'll have to keep an eye out for this!

  9. Do you know if they do a shimmery blush?
    What was the one I used of yours last time?
    The one you could only see when the light hit my cheeks?
    I only have one blush shade. need to change it up a bit :)

  10. OMG I wish I could get essence products more easily here in the US. I know Ulta has them but other than that, there is no place else I can get them. Their products look fantastic though!

  11. Angela- From what I've heard they are mainly in VIC but are spreading throughout the rest of Aus as we speak=)

    Yolanda- It's worth it, let me know if you get anything!

    Candi- I haven't seen one...I'm going there today but I'm pretty sure they only have matte blushes (I may have bought one the other day...) The one you're talking about is my favourite Sportsgirl one. Body Shop have one that looks similar...I shall have to investigate! You really look amazing in it

  12. Awww, what gorgeous colours! I'll definitely keep my eye out for them next time I'm in Target :)

  13. Corrine- They are stunning, aren't they! let me know if you grab anything =) x

  14. I really love Essence nail polishes, they are so inexpensive, yet so good! They have expanded to other countries incredibly in the past couple of years!

  15. Blusherine- I haven't tried their polishes before, I like that they are in mini bottles. I never use up larger ones! They're doing so well, it's nice to see=)

  16. I'm another mad Melbourne Essence fan. Which Target store had the limited edition range?? I'm desperate to add to my collection!

  17. @Vita- the images above are from the Epping store, but the Essence facebook has the list of stores and you could always ask if one closer to you has the limited edition range? =)
    How great is Essence!!

  18. Thanks Hun, I see you skipped over to my blog last night too :) Epping is music to my ears cos I live in the northern suburbs! xoxo

  19. @Vita I sure did, had a nice night perusing your back catalog =) Another Northern suburbs lady, that is so exciting! xx


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