Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peachface Full Bloom Moisturiser

peachface is a skincare brand I was immediately attracted to. Their packaging was cheerful, their motto's uplifting, and I thought the name Peachface was the cutest thing in the world! A company that primarily targets teen and tween skin, I found that most of the products sounded right up my alley (though I've left my teen years behind) I was lucky enough to receive two products to trial, and the first I shall review here is the Full Bloom Moisturiser

Full Bloom Moisturiser, Organix Lavender and Rose

Upon opening the jar, I was hit with the most gorgeous scent. I've been loving floral scents lately and this one is no exception- a bit of aromatherapy with my skincare will never go astray! The scent is not overpowering, however, I think it adds a subtle touch of luxury to the product without slapping you in the face with scent.
It must be said here that my skin is quite dry and dehydrated, with dry patches being one of the banes of my existence. This lightweight moisturiser did well to hydrate my skin, but I found that every so often I needed a heavier hit of moisture- I found this paired well with my natural Jojoba oil, and the two worked in harmony to keep the flakies at bay. I assume that this product would work well on normal/combination skin as it is light and non-greasy.
peachface packaging is oh so cute, with female characters adorning the bottles and jars of their products. I generally prefer pump/tube/bottle packaging as I know how jars and tubs can become contaminated with dirty fingers being dipped in, so to combat this issue I used a clean spatula each time I applied this product. I found a little went a long way, and was happy with how easily the moisturiser spread over my face and soaked right in.
A major part of my enjoyment of this moisturiser was the postive affirmations that adorn everything peachface products. I think it's wonderful to have these attached to natural skincare for teens/tweens, as I think that these two factors are needed to pep up girls at an important and often crazy part of their lives.

I love and I accept myself
Here is what peachface have to say:
peachface believes that introducing an awareness of teenage natural skincare promotes self-esteem, confidence and personal responsibility. Glowing wholesome skin is so important to teenagers and to tweens
They also work with the Carly Ryan Foundation, which promotes safety on the internet for teens.
positive affirmations that are great for teens and all women alike
cute designs that are refreshing but still classy
gorgeous subtle scent
affordable price point
natural and gentle
great online presence and communication
Australian made and owned
Against animal testing
Supports the Carly Ryan Foundation

Jar packaging not as hygienic
Not 100% hydrating for super-dry skin, without additional product
Full Bloom Moisturiser Ingredients
Natural & Organic Ingredients :
purified water, aloe vera gel, certified organic coconut oil, vitamin E natural, certified organic honey, certified organic green tea extract, cetearyl alcohol/ceteareth 20, watermelon oil, phenoxyethanol, certified organic camellia oil, certified organic jojoba oil, potassium sorbate, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, certified organic shea butter, xanthan gum, rose absolute oil, Australian rosalina essential oil, certified organic essential lavender oil.
$29.95 for 100ml, and is available here online, and these stockists 
I think peachface is a brand worth checking out if you have teen children, as it is a great, natural way to teach them to care for their skin. Having said that, I think this range is great for any age- we all need a self esteem boost in the form of natural products!
emmabovary xx
Please note this product was sent for consideration for review, which in no way affects my opinion of the product. Always honest.


  1. This sounds like such a lovely brand :) if my girls were teens I'd definitely give this a look in :)

  2. Jade- It's so lovely. I thought it might not work for my non-teen skin but it did well. Keep peachface in mind, in 9 yrs time you can purchase this! hehe

  3. Oh that is so cute! I love the "I love and accept myself" bit. Nothing like reminding us all to love ourselves a bit more!

  4. Melinda- It really made me stop and think, I put all of these things on my face to make my look/feel better, it just makes sense to have a company use this and amp up the love!


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