Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jack Black Lip Balm in Vanilla & Lavender

I had seen US bloggers raving about the Jack Black balms for a long time, and had always wondered what the fuss was about. While perusing Strawberrynet a while ago, I saw that these were going for less than $10 and knew I had to give one a go. I chose Vanilla and Lavender, as I was intrigued by the idea of lavender in cosmetics. Would it be 'nanna-esque', overwhelming, horrid? I'd heard people disliked the scent, saying it was far too strong, but it was LOVE at first sniff for me!

The balm comes in a sophisticated royal blue squeezy tube, contains spf25 and is cruelty free.It's quite thick for a balm, and I found that it keeps the lips moist with that 'wet' feel I love for ages. After that wears away, you are left with super-soft lips. I found it wears nicely over lipsticks, but not under, and provides a nice glowy sheen that makes it beautiful to wear on its own.

-moisturising and long-lasting
-cruelty free and spf25
-amazing smell that I LOVE
-stunning packaging that stands out in my make-up bag
-slanted applicator tip which means I can apply to finger then lips rather than straight to lips if needed (as I did when I had a cold last week, to prevent the spread of germs)

-not readily available in Australia
-not suitable under lipsticks as it is thick and glossy
-that is all I can really think of

I adore this lip balm, and have used a fair bit of it since puchasing. I am interested in trying the other scents that this comes in, but I know I will repurchase vanilla and lavender over and over A big win for me, I think this may become a HG!

emmabovary xx


  1. Great review! I've seen Temptalia praise this so much, but was a little unsure whether it was just her, now I think I may give it a shot :D

  2. I wish this was just plain vanilla. I hate lavender! :S

  3. i have this - a friend brought it back from the US without even knowing i'd been lemming it for ages.

    i love it though - so glad to hear it's not just me :)

  4. Celina-I've not seen Temptalia's reviews, will check them out. I really love this lil' blue wonder:)

    Angela- I'm not a massive lavender lover, so was surprised at how much I adored the scent. I think the other JB varieties are mint, which might be nice.

    Clare-That's the best luck! My friend just returned back from the US and I did ask her to look out for it for me, have my fingers crossed she has another one for me ;P Do you have the same scent as me?

  5. Temptalia loves this, doesn't she! I don't this is on Strawberrynet anymore, is it :(

  6. Stacey- No=( I'm keeping an eye out for it, I want a back up and maybe another scent too. I'm hoping it will be back on Snet soon!

  7. I've been dying to try this product but Strawberrynet is always out of them when I go to buy, will have to keep my eyes peeled for them when they come back in stock

  8. Megan- It's worth the wait! If I see it up on Snet I will tweet out (after grabbing myself one or two, hehe) x

  9. Thanks for the comment :)
    And OMG I seriously need to try this~ I have heard so many great things about it!

  10. Thanks for the great review! You have me wanting to try this lip balm so badly now.

  11. Rei- Glad to have started a lemming, it's an ace product!


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