Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Empties

I'm not finished up as many make-up items as I'd like to, and I think it is because the only things close to being finished are things I don't want to be without=( I despise limited edt/discontinued favourites, always breaking my heart. Anyway, on goes the empties!

*Treacle Moon 'That Vanilla Moment' body scrub 225ml- Am reviewing this shortly, love it!
*Priceline Round Cotton Pads- a make-up bag necessity, have repurchased.
*Dove Silk Dry Deodorant with moisture cream '24hr'- didn't find this to work all that well, won't repurchase
*Scarlett, Cacharel EDT sample,1.5ml-Nice, but nothing amazing for me
*Romance by Ralph Lauren- liked this, but Mum wears it so I'll leave it to her to rock
*Maybelline Falsies mascara- Dried up quite a bit and got 'crunchy', byebye. Loved it,though. Review here
*Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash sample,29ml- fragrance free and a little too bleh for me

Have my fingers crossed I get thru more in June. Have you tried any of this months empties?
emmabovary  x


  1. That's a mighty good effort I say, must get busy and post my empties too, think I may have only finished four things though hmm :)

  2. Great effort! I look forward to reading your review of the Vanilla body scrub.

  3. Thanks Jade, I was hoping more would be done but it's okay I can just use them up in June=) Looking forward to seeing your empties x

    Thanks Anissa! I wasn't going to review it but liked it so much I decided I would anyway;)

  4. WOO!! Love reading empties posts! I'm working on some so will hopefully post up a June empties! Good work Emma :D

  5. Thanks Jess! You did well this month too, good luck with your p20p.x

    Ling- How good are they! Love these, and the 'what's in my bag' posts too, you should do one!x


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