Monday, February 14, 2011

Lip Balm Love-Softlips

Happy Valentine's Day =D Today marks the end of my Lip Balm Love Week- I hope all the lovely ladies reading this have got their lips ready for today, whether you be kissing a cute guy or the spoon as you dip into a tub of ice-cream (my vote is for cookies and cream, btw)

I have been roadtesting quite a few balms this week, but found I always came back to my HG, ultimate, cannot-leave-the-house-without balm, Softlips!

The lovely Zoe from Softlips kindly sent me a tube of their new Chai Latte flavour from the organic range they are promoting, and she also threw in a double pack containing Cherry and Coconut Cream. I am coco-crazy for the Coconut one, but the Cherry grew on me as time went on,too. I like the chai stick, but found the scent to be very faint, if ever I caught a whiff at all. Since trying these I have purchased the Raspberry one and the Gelato vanilla, too. Utterly obsessed, and talking everyone I know into buying these.(FYI, you can get these at most Pricelines and supermarkets, and you get change from $4. Win!)

Packaging: As I stated in my Burt's Bees post, I love skinny balm tubes. These fit in my pocket when I'm out without hassle, and though they balm itself begins quite square after a few uses it rounds itself out and is the perfect shape to use.

Taste: Little bit sweet, but not that crazy-sweet artifical type that makes you want to eat your lips off.

Smell: Apart from the subtle scent of the Chai variety, these really do smell like their descriptions! Coconut Cream would be my pick for summer, but this week I have been rocking Cherry and Raspberry quite a bit.

Texture: So ridiculously smooth to put on, and they make my lips tingle just a little, in a pleasant way. Also must be noted that these contain SPF20, yay!

Aesthetics:Not much shine, just soft lips all the way. I found these great in the mornings, I put some on and get busy with the rest of my makeup. By the time I get to my lips they are supple and primed for whatever colour I'm wearing to glide on effortlessly.

Reapplication: These last really well. The 'wet' feel remains as well as the 'soft' (hence the balms name) which makes these perfect for me.

Repuchase: As you can probably tell from the raving about Softlips above, I have and will repurchase these, again and again and again. Although I did receive 3 free of charge, this in no way affects my opinion and I promise in all honesty, that I think these are the bomb=D

So there we have it, Lip Balm Love Week is over and the overall champ is Softlips. I hope you all enjoyed reading my opinions on all of the lip prodz, it was nice to have themed posts that really spurred me on to compare what I own. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, love to all,emmabovary xx

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  1. I've never used soft lips, but the idea of these creative scents- chai sounds amazing- has me totally sold. I'm definitely going to look for them at my local drug store; thanks for the recommendation :)


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