Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Priceline Haul

There's been a lot of talk lately about hauling, and whether or not haul posts should be considered 'bragging'. I personally love haul posts and videos, because I know in reality the purchases are not throwaways and the blogger has saved/eaten mi goreng for a week to afford their prodz. In reality, I know I don't need all of the things I buy, but I work hard for what I have and save 80% of every pay, so I generally don't feel guilt for my shopping habits. Mister Christopher and I don't go out, and spend every weekend at home with the fam/working in order to save for a house. Our spending money is purely for the things that make us happy- he buys car crap, I buy cosmetics. Now that I've shared my thoughts on hauling...on to the (small,necessary) haul!

Malteaster Bunny that I think was stolen by my Mama ><>

Australis 3 in 1 wipes that smell funny =( $3.98

Lady Jayne bobby pins, my staple $4 ish

Palmers Minis- Stretch Mark cream , and an SPF Lotion for Chris' sister $3ish each

Dove deodorant- seems fine so far, only used it twice $4ish

Leopard print hand cream and gloss- Pink for my friend Elly, gloss because I love leopard right now

Hand sanitizers- lemon and wildberry. These were buy 4 for $5 in conjunction with the two items above. Used the lemon one at a cafe yesterday and a lady commented on how great my perfume was, was surprised when I told her it was actually hand sanitizer!

Treacle Moon: That Vanilla Moment scrub. Smells good enough to eat, seriously. Review to come. $4.99 (half price)

Treacle Moon: My Coconut Island shower gel. This, too, smells amazeballs! Review up soon. $4.99 (half price)

I am aware that these are pretty much Philosophy rip-offs in design, but I can't afford Philosophy so these are a super-duper substitute for me. They are really nice to use, and the gnome story on the back of the bottles made me giggle in the shower.

So that's my mini, not all that exciting haul. The internet at my uni is being the biggest pain in the proverbial so all the great posts are sitting there half-done ><>

emmabovary xx


  1. Great haul, it makes me want to go to Priceline now :)

    I love reading haul posts and don't see them as bragging. We all spend our money different ways and I don't really care how everyone else chooses to spend their money. I just like living vicariously through other people's hauls.

  2. Oooh I want the treacle moon stuff, I'm pretty sure lollipop26 blogged about their stuff before :)

  3. I personally LOVE hauls! Always fun to see what others buy and get ideas for myself, too. :P

    I absolutely need to get my hands on that Treacle Moon stuff! Vanilla and Coconut are 2 of my most favourite scents EVER.

  4. Great haul - I love haul posts to see what people buy :)
    I love Priceline's bargain bins!!!

  5. I love reading haul posts when I am broke, I get the high without the debt=) the treacle moon stuff feels really luxurious despite the price, massive win! Will have to check out lollipop26 Jade. Priceline and Treacle Moon-win!

  6. I love seeing/reading hauls and i love posting hauls too! I totally dont think its bragging, its more like sharing the excitement with everyone on new buys!

    I like the Bourjois foundation too! #52 was all out so i had to resort to 51 and 53 an mix them. Lol. I initally bought the darker shade for contouring, but now that 51 is too light i need both. Heehee.

  7. PopBlush I saw your post on it, I would have never thought to use #53 to contour, you cheeky genius,you! Yeah #52 adds a bit of colour to my face because I am oh so fair =) But am contemplating buying #53 due to your recc, so thank you.xx


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