Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It's my Mumma's birthday today!!
The best shopping buddy I could ask for, the best-dressed lady I know (though we do share clothes so it just makes sense;)) and one of the most honest person I have in my life. The kind of person to tell you if you have lipstick on your cheek, she's worth having around. I won't share her age with you, let's just roll with 21 and keep her happy. She raised all four of us kids and I'll be honest, she did a stellar job!
In the past few years she has:
Quit smoking- yaaay!
Joined a gym, and goes 3 times a week without fail
Culled some of her extensive shoe collection (to make room for more pairs)
Planned an overseas holiday to enjoy time with my Dad
Pretty good job, I must say.
So here's to you Mum, I love you dearly
At Moomba festival, sporting the mask she made with my neice!
Our 'bestie' woven bracelets ;)
emmabovary xx


  1. What a cute post! Happy 21st b'day to your mum :-) Isn't it great to have your mum as your best buddy as well?!

  2. Thanks Michelle and Rei!
    It's great to have such a rad Mum=)

  3. Aww, belated birthday wishes to your mum! Hope she had a wonderful day! x
    Reminds me too much of mine. Time to give ol mum a call :)

  4. Mum said thanks, Su =D Glad we've made you think of your own mama x


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