Monday, July 4, 2011

June Empties

I am back this week, after university assignments and crappy Crazy Johns internet ruined my blogging time. I'm sorting out my internet this week, but until then I am in the university library finishing off assignments and writing away.
I managed to get through quite a few shower products this month, as I was determined to use the half empty bottles up so I could treat myself to new shower goodies (Lush, here I come!)
Here is what I used up in June!
Radox Soul Soother Body Wash
The cranberry scent of this suckers me in every time, even though the seeds get caught in the opening every single time I try to use it!
Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
Love Batiste, though this scent isn't my favourite.
Treacle Moon My Coconut Island shower gel
Adored this!
Rexona Girl mini deo in Tropical Energy
Massive favourite!!
Priceline wipes x2
I try new wipes all the time, but always come back to these. Faithful and work wonders for me!
Aveeno Shower Gel (mini)
Review coming shortly, this just wasn't made for me
Crappy brushes and a mini liquid liner
Super scratchy and I have no use for the liner, in the bin they go!
Endota Spa Lavender and Alpine Pepper hand cream
Reviewed here, loved this baby
Maybelline Powder
Was using this way back when I owned not a scrap of makeup, and happened to see it sitting cracked at the back of a cupboard during the week. There was hardly any left, shouldn't have hung on to it anyway. Liked this, will see how my Covergirl powder goes before I decide whether or not to repurchase.

On a side note, I explained to Chris the idea of Pan Pron, and how exciting hitting pan on a product can be. We were in Priceline last week and he sees that some testers had pan showing- he thought he was a king for pointing it out to me. Such a cutie, I'm teaching him well!

What have you finished up this month?
Will be reviewing the body wash/shower gels from this post and more of my favourites soon, in a soapy spectacular post!
emmabovary xx


  1. hahahah That story at the end is so cute!

  2. He's such a doofus, gosh I love it

  3. Hahah that's so cute how he pointed it out to you... it's funny when you let a guy in on a little "girl's world" perspective on something that they would never have known about before... and then seeing how they start to notice it. lol

  4. A little slice of my world, that's exactly right Kayleigh. He finds it fascinating that something that seems boring to him rivets me so much


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