Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dip your Fingertips into the Ocean!

OPI Turquoise Crackle over Sally Hansen Platinum
Last week I went out for the day with my Mum and Chris' Mum. Our main focus was nail polish, and between us we managed to arrive home with over 15 bottles. One of these was the Turquoise Crackle by O.P.I, (pictured above on Chris' Mum's hand) over Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in Platinum
Sally Hansen-Platinum
Since her nails are in much better condition than mine and the polish belongs to her, I thought it right to have her model them for you. I'm sure her hands will feature quite a bit in upcoming weeks as she plays with her new shades.
I like the contrast between the icy white of Platinum and the deep sea blue of Turquoise, though the camera did not pick up the exact colour of the crackle. It's not as pale as it appears there, I would say the exact shade lies between the bottle colour and the nail colour in the above image. 

I am thinking of pairing this colour with a green or orange underneath, just to create a striking and unexpected contrast between the two. I really like this crackle colour, and am looking forward to playing with the other O.P.I shades she purchased. We're both still in the practising stage of crackle (yes, the official stage) so please be kind=D I'm just happy to have new textures to play with. It's the perks of becoming part of the family, right? ;)

Tell me, what crackle do you like most?
What colour would you pair with this crackle?
emmabovary xx

(This product was purchased by my boyfriend's Mum with her own moolah, and apart from me making her a coffee afterwards, she was not compensated for her involvement;) )


  1. This is so pretty!!! Loving it!
    I have pink and black shatter which are both pretty too

  2. @Ling- Isn't it! She has picked up the rest of the range since I started writing this, and I told her about the Breast Cancer shade and she is planning on getting that too=)

  3. Love these, so pretty :).

    Sadie x


  4. Thanks Sadie, it is a pretty shade =)


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