Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Milani Baked Blushes Haul ft. swatches, first impressions + extras

Quite a while ago I made an order with Cherry Culture, and thought it was about time to share with you what I bought!
I had been eyeing off the Milani baked blushes, and Tiffany from WillWorkForMakeup's posts here, here and here pushed me right into the lap of Cherry Culture. It was my first purchase from them, and though it took a little while (can't remember exactly how long) I was content with the shipping and delivery.
Luminoso(05), Corallina(08), Berry Amore(03)
I figured that since I was paying for shipping anyway, I might as well make the most of it and throw 3 Milani shades into my basket, even though I wanted Luminoso the most. Turns out it was a great gamble, I have fallen in love with Berry Amore.
Corallina with arm swatch. This is the shade I've had the most problems with, as it can be quite glittery and unnatural looking at times. Still think it is really nice, though.
Berry Amore atop previous shade, and looking very 'bronzery', in the next swatch it looks closer to actual colour. It leans into a plum shade with some neutral running through it, I think it's super pretty in person.

Luminoso atop the two previous shades. This is the one I've heard spoken of most from the baked blush range, and I do like it on. It's a strong peach shade and unlike anything I have in my collection thus far. I haven't worn them all enough to warrant a full review just yet, but they are all very pigmented and can be a tad powdery sometimes.
Tilt ya head!
Just another shot of the shades swatched, in order from left: Luminoso, Berry Amore, Corallina. Taken in natural light next to window.
I'd seen people blogging about this and thought for such a cheap price I had to throw it in with my order. I chose the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to use underneath some of my bright eye shades to enhance them, but am still playing around with it and haven't decided if I like it yet.
Milk Swatch :)
Cherry Culture were also kind enough to throw in this free Bubble Gum lip balm with my order! Thinking of gifting it to my neice though, as I have too many balms as it is.
I was pleased with my first order from Cherry Culture, and will happily buy from them in the future. I've been liking the blushes and am glad to have been able to get my hands on them, as it is notoriously hard to down here in Australia as some of you may know.
Have you purchased from Cherry Culture before, or tried the Milani baked blush range?

emmabovary xx


  1. I'm a big Cherry Culture fan, but I haven't tried the Milani blushes. My last order contained that same free lip balm and I absolutely adore it! I also have a gazillion balms and glosses, but it's become one of my favourites. I have a couple of the NYX jumbo pencils and you do have to take the time to apply a thin layer over primer and blend it out really well to avoid creasing. It does a great job of making bright colours pop, though.

  2. I've got the Milani blush in Luminoso. I've toyed with getting Rose D'Oro but I'm not too sure about it. I do love Luminoso though!

    I've nver ordered from Cherry Culture before... is a great spot for NYX and Milani though (discounted prices as well!)

  3. olgiepolgie- the blushes are really nice, pretty old school chunky packaging though. I haven't really given the lip balm a good go, I might reconsider now (and give it to her if I'm not super impressed, it's all in the family haha) Thanks for the jumbo pencil tips, I was like buh when I got it, I'll try it over primer. Do you think it would work well over a MAC paintpot?

    Bailey- It's pretty glittery compared to Luminoso, but still nice. Haven't tried beautyjoint before, thanks for the tip!

  4. Bailey- I just realised that it is Corallina that I have and not Rose D'Oro- sorry for the mix up, I've fixed up the post.

  5. The packaging on these is gorgeous and collectible. How much did they cost?

  6. You've just kick started my dormant lust affair with these blushes... Uh oh...

  7. I have all these as well as Rose D'oro and Dolce Pink and I absolutely adore them, so pretty!

  8. I've never ordered from Cherry Culture or tried Milani, though I really want to! I never can seem to find them in my drugstores, though :( The blushes look great! Isn't it awesome when you unexpectedly fall in love with another color? Haha.

  9. Vita- I think the packaging is cute, but they are quite chunky in my already overflowing blush drawer! I bought them for around the $6 mark from memory, great value

    Jess-Do you have any of them? I don't feel bad for kick starting it again, I blame your reviews and mentions for my Stila CC purchases;)

    @Meggsy I wanted Dolce Pink but they were sold out! Maybe you will be sweet and review it for me?;)

    @Larie Sadly most of what I adore online isn't available near me, so I'm glad to have online places like Cherry Culture to satisfy me:) I always do that, purchase something and the extra little something I throw in always ends up my favourite haha

  10. i have a few of these but recently have been loving Luminoso and Dolce Pink. They are gorgeous!!

  11. I've bought from CC tons of times - watch for their sales, they have a 20% off sale on all the major US holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.)

  12. @Priyanka it was so nice to meet you over the weekend! Luminoso would be gorgeous on you, have you reviewed it? You should if you haven't!

    @Dee thanks I will keep an eye out!

  13. I've never purchased from Cherry Culture before (but am tempted with the 25% off sale right now), but I do have Corallina and quite like it. When I first got it and swatched it I was horrified at how glittery it was, but strangely enough the glitter doesn't really translate onto my cheeks. It's a bit larger than shimmer, but not enough to make people ask why I have glitter on my cheeks, y'know? :)

    I really want Luminoso, and I find it curious that some of the baked blushes have veining and some don't!

  14. @Jerry I am so tempted to make another order with them. I've been too scared to wear Corallina so will give it a go now you've said it is not as glittery on the cheek. I think the veining in them is so pretty isn't it? x

  15. I love Luminoso - wear it all the time. Dee is right too as CC and Nonpareill have sales all the time and both stock Milani.

  16. Jac-It's super peachy on me, do you find that too? I'm going to keep my eye out for CC and Nonpareill :)

  17. The Milani blushes are some of the best :) I love Luminoso too :)

  18. @rainydaysandlattes They are so nice:) I was really glad when I received them that it wasn't all just hype:) I've been using Luminoso quite a bit lately too


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