Friday, September 30, 2011

Scents of September- L'EAU D'ISSEY,Burt's Bees and Yankee Candles

The weather in Australia is generally all over the place, and Melbourne is no exception. Known for having four seasons in a single day, we sort of get the best of all worlds while getting the short end of the stick as our summer dresses are soaked in rain.

I have been struggling to keep up with the constant changes, and my poor skin has been battered. I received this Burt's Bees Almond Milk Hand Creme in a mini pack I hauled a while ago, and it's only now receiving love from me. It smells like yummy almonds and reminds me of biscuits, and is great at coating my hands to keep the elements out. It's quite thick and waxy, but good at its job so I shan't complain.

For those sunny days, I've been loving this L'Eau D'Issey sample. I have no idea how I came to own this baby perfume, but mmm it's good. Chris' brother is a massive fan of Issey Miyake fragrances and it reminds me of him when I wear it. He's pretty awesome, so it's a good connection:) It's a heavy yet light scent, and feels both masculine and feminine to me. I can picture myself wearing this out to dinner or just to the shops, so it is a versatile scent to my nose. It's obvious I am bad with scent description, so just give it a sniff next time you're out and about.

The gorgeous PR for Yankee Candles realised I couldn't attend the Sydney launch as I'm Melbourne based, so was kind enough to fill up a parcel with Yankee goodness and mail it out to me! Was very happy to see scents I might not have picked for myself, and I've been loving Clean Cotton for those times when the rain has gone but the damp feel remains, and you just need something clean and fresh to take over. I've also got the melts in Fluffy Towels which I'm keen to try, and I think the name is super cute.

That rounds up my top scent picks for September, I was lucky enough to receive some perfume samples from Coty at ABBW last weekend so am gearing up to fall in love with them in October. My IMATS/ABBW posts are coming, I'm still recovering from all of the excitement so it's taken me a while to get organised. Let me know what scents you've been loving lately, or if there are any you think I should have a sniff at.

emmabovary xx


  1. I do love a good scent :D Did you know smell is the strongest memory trigger of all the senses? Lol.

  2. So do I, I think scents are really good at changing a mood around,too :)

  3. I just got that Burts Bees hand cream recently too but I still haven't tried it, love the scent though, need to get through the ten million other hand creams I seem to keep buying that are floating around my house. That Clean Cotton candle sounds pretty - I want!

  4. Meggsy-How addictive is the almond, yum. The almond hand cream is much thicker than my other hand creams, I tend to only use it when my hands are sore and super dry. I want more Yankee candles, they're so pretty


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