Friday, October 28, 2011

Pretty In...

A kaleidoscope of pink amazingness, and a Girls Night In look! I decided to compile all of my favourite pink goodies and show you the pink look I rocked in October, which as you will know is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I'm also going to show you the look I created for the Girls Night In even we held for breast cancer awareness.
Some of my favourite pink goodies are for the lips as you can see! My very favourite is the Stay With Me gloss from Essence in me&my icecream which is a sweet pale pink that is really comfy on the lips (review here) Here is what I think about the rest of them.
*Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream is a sweet smelling hand cream that reminds me of Miss Cherie Dior perfume (which I am wearing right now!) I wish I had a travel size of this for my bag but it is only available in this size in Australia (available from kit cosmetics)

*MAC Dazzleglass in Internationalist is a glitter bomb of a gloss, a berry pink filled with blue and purple toned glitter. The dazzleglass formula is really sticky but I love them regardless.

*OPI nail polish in Pink-ing of You is a sweet baby pink that I've hardly worn, but I do think it's a lovely shade.

*NYX Peach blush is one I'm sure you've seen me rave about, even though I've never done a formal review. My favourite blush ever, and a very wearable pink shade that I think would suit a range of skintones.

*Sportsgirl Pucker Up lip pencil is one I've been using a lot more lately, I love crayon or chubby pencil type lip products as I find they last a lot longer on me, and I can layer them with a cute gloss.

*My Australis Show Stopper Gloss Stick is hiding behind another gloss, I have it in the shade Fairy Floss :) Adore it, will be reviewing soon and I highly recommend it.

*Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pop is a super high quality product. I love the formulation of these glosses, they are in my top favourites because they are so pigmented and opaque but not sticky at all.

*The Essence multi-coloured powder is from the new Blossoms etc range, which I am posting about very soon. Cannot get over how amazing Essence is and how very cheap they are. This powder shade is Flower Power, which is very fitting.

*Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Frenzy is one I picked up at IMATS, along with another shade. Have not had a very good play with it yet, but like every other Illamasqua product I'm sure it's top knotch.

*Essence Flowerkissed gloss from the Blossoms etc collectino, such pretty packaging and smells a little like lollies.
My sister recently held a Girls Night In which is a night to raise awareness about breast cancer as well as raise money for research into the disease. The idea is to donate the amount you would spend on a night out to breast cancer, hence the 'night in' name. She chose a Friday night so that all the ladies could have a drink, and organised a stack of games for us to play, and lots of nice little prizes, too. We ended up raising about $300 which was a pretty good effort as it was only a small group involved. Chris' Mum came as did my best friend Candice, who was nice enough to take photos of the look I created for the night. I finished work only an hour before the event began, so had to rush like mad! I came home to find my youngest niece in the bathroom covering her face in hot pink eyeshadow. Nice!
This is the look I whipped up, sans shadow on the nose and forehead.
Can't remember exactly what  I used, except that I used a pink eyeshadow from Ulta3 in Blushing all over the lid, intensified it with a random pink from a Napoleon palette, then smoked a hot pink into the crease. The hot pink was the star of the show in my opinion, it was from a BYS palette I have that I'm showing you guys soon. Love that I've found a pink that I feel comfortable wearing! And the liner is Revlon and grr it's not a favourite. But there you have it, my pink look for breast cancer awareness, and yes I am in a candy floss pink wig! Here's another shot of it, I'm with my neice Lara here
Everyone said I suit that sort of hair length, not so sure about the colour for everyday though. I chose this one because it's the only wig I could find that was a 'Nicki Minaj' sort of pink rather than a hot pink one. I love it, was so comfy on!
Have you posted on Breast Cancer Awareness month? I'd love to see!


  1. amazing look!
    I haven't tried a lot of the products you mentioned, but I do own NYX Peach <3
    I love that blush!

  2. Hehe, I've been posting about breast cancer awareness month quite often over october! Might I suggest another must-have for your pink collection? ^_~

    Try one of ciccone cosmetics lipsticks. So incredibly pretty and such pretty packaging too!

  3. @Nancy thank you! I loved the way it looked in real life, I'll be wearing pink shadow much more in the future:) How amazing is NYX Peach, the most flattering colour ever x

    @Celeste I loved your pinktober approach, have been loving your blog lately:) I really want to try Ciccone, I will have to pop them on my Chrissy list x

  4. Such a pretty look! I'm not sure about the BYS eyeshadows, so I'm looking forward to reading about that palette.

  5. I'm listing after Pink Pop, it's soooo pretty and affordable!

  6. Great collection of products! Colour-themed posts are always interesting. I'll have to look out for the me & my icecream gloss because I love the Stay With Me range. BTW you're rocking the pink eyeshadow!

  7. @OlgiePolgie yeah I was wary when I bought it, but so far so good:) Will play around with it a little more and let you know how I go

    @G A B Y buy it, you won't regret it it's such high quality. I have the colour Coral Reef too which is also amazing

    @Vita I love reading colour themed posts, and how good is the Stay With Me range!! Thanks for the compliment and comment:)

  8. Cuuute :D I love posts like this! I don't think I buy enough of the same types of color, though. Except lipstick? :D

  9. @Larie I didn't think I'd have much either, but I do adore pink products so this wasn't too hard (I had to leave out a stack more of my favourite pink products!)


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