Friday, January 13, 2012

just read

Since I've been on university holidays, I've gotten my teeth stuck back into reading for pleasure again. I set myself a GoodReads challenge at the beginning of November to read 15 books by the end of 2011. I only managed to chew through 9 in the two month period, but I was still really happy with myself when I considered the crazy hours I had at work over that time. This year I've set myself a challenge to read 30 books. 1 down, 29 to go! Here are a selection of the books I read in my first challenge.
-Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee
-The Second Wife by Elizabeth Buchan
-Cocktails for Three by Sophie Kinsella as Madeleine Wickham
-The First Stone by Helen Garner
-The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom
-Perfume by Patrick Suskind
-Sexing The Cherry by Jeanette Winterson

Top pick from this bunch goes to Patrick Suskind, Perfume was so well written and gripped me by the stomach (nostrils?) and never let me go. Has also got me hooked on scents of all kinds, have been stopping quite often just to sniff and sigh. The First Stone was also marvellous, was a wonderful example of strong non-fiction. A very scandalous subject matter too, which I'll delve into in my GoodReads review. Most disappointing of the bunch would definitely be The Second Wife, which I thought was crap, to be honest. Cliche storyline, characters not appealing or hateable enough for it to be worth it, and dragged on in a whiny fashion. I will note here that I do like chick lit, I find it relaxing, but I wish I hadn't wasted my time reading this particular novel.

Have you read any of these?
Come on over to GoodReads and set yourself a challenge- you can see my profile and track how I'm doing here, and also in my blog sidebar to the left <<
Do leave a comment and let me know what you're reading, or what novels I should download on my new Kindle.
Happy Reading!


  1. I read 2 books in 5 days during the holidays (starved for reading much!) - and now I've started a biography of French writer Colette :)
    From your list I only read Sexing the Cherry - not my Jeanette Winterson favourite though, that would be The Passion! xx Sabine

  2. @Claire Oh I'm looking forward to seeing how you go! What is your user name there?

    @sabine Don't you love it when you just inhale them, feels so good to soak up books. I'd agree with you about sexing the cherry- little too full on for me, and all over the place? Well written though. xx

  3. I loved Perfume, both the book and movie! The book was much more disturbing though :)

  4. Love the owl... Might snatch him for my collection!

  5. @Karyn you should read Perfume, it's amazing. My Mum bought me that little owl, he is the cutest:)

  6. Between reading for my literature courses and blogging (lol), I have no time for leisure reading. I read Coetzee's Disgrace for a class and am glad to see it on your list as it's a great book! Eventually I'll get around to reading/watching Perfume. :)


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