Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love Talk

I've been wearing green eyeshadows quite a bit lately, and Essence's Love Talk is one of my more recent aquisitions. I love the ultra metallic muted green shade, and think it would look wonderful smoked up. It reminds me of the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Epatant, but when I place them beside one another they are quite different.
I adore the designs of Essence products, as I've stated in many of my other brand raves I can't believe the little touches they include despite being at a low price point. This shadow is silky to the touch and quite easily blendable.
It comes in a clear plastic domed contained which doesn't sit too high (so will still fit in thin bags without taking up too much room) and has a sturdy and secure closure. I've thrown this about a ton and it's in great condition still, which is a testament to Essence's packaging as well as their product.
Metallic goodness in a single swatch.
Dopey half eye really shows off the colour, ha
Next time I wouldn't use this mascara, would have tamed my brows, and would choose a lighter colour to blend out Love Talk. But seriously, how pretty is it! This is just over MAC's Painterly paint pot and blended out with another colour- primarily it's just a sweep of Love Talk, though.
I've included a picture of Love Talk next to NYX Algae and MAC Mink&Sable to give a little bit of context.

Essence Mono Eyeshadows retails for a tiny $3.25AUD and are available Australia wide at Target stores. For more information, click here

What green shadow should I add to my collection next?
And what should I pair Love Talk with next time I wear it?


  1. It looks soooooooo pretty and creamy :)

  2. Oh wow, this is a gorgeous shade, I've never tried an Essence eyeshadow, must get my hands on this and give it try! xx

  3. That's one stunning green! I love colours like that. The closest I have is a Body Shop eyeshadow in Sea Green (I think), but I'll have to check this out the next time I'm in Target. I'd love to see you wear this with a darker blackened green for a more smoky look.

  4. Those Essence eyeshadows are great aren't they! I built up quite a collection last year because at that price they're irresistible.

  5. @Mercedes I agree, it's such a lovely texture

    @Francesca you definitely do, for the price point as well as the amazing shades!

    @olgiepolgie you would rock Love Talk! You should do a green smoky look tutorial that I could follow using this!

    @Vita I adore them! Next one I'm getting is the coral shade, so different! Do you have that one?

  6. This will sound so strange.. but I LOVE your eyelashes :) They are so long and beautiful :)
    Beautiful green shade too :)
    I love green eye shadows.. my favorite is by The Body Shop and its called Golden Meadow (nr 44)

  7. the color looks so pretty and pigmented! i've been wanting to try essence but the display at my local target is always a mess. products are always opened and tested. (there are testers yet people just don't use them???)

  8. @shortylegsbeauty thank you! one of my favourite features, haha. Your eyes look amazing with green shadow:) xx

    @prettymom it's such a lovely pigmented shade, I believe essence is in the process of fixing everything up, hopefully they'll fix up your stand soon! It frustrates me when people neglect to use the testers >< thanks for your comment! xx

  9. This is so freakin' pretty with your eye colour (from what I can see :D) in your 'dopey' eye shot. I loooove Essence, I only own a black shimmery mono shadow but it's to die for. Still can't figure out how they managed to keep the price point low for Australians, but I love them for it. <3

  10. @Jerry haha yes I now realise that I should've included a picture of it with my eye open, as it does bring out the green in them. I'm hopefully getting the Essence gel liner asap, with my success with the shadows I have my fingers crossed!


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