Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sun Kit : Body Scrub

As a certified fair bear, fake tanning is the only way I go about getting a little colour come summer time. I'm content with most of my paleness, but my glowing legs need a little bronze- just enough to take the edge off, but still leave me the fairest of them all when I'm out. Those who are fair will know how hard it is to slap bronze on fluorescent glowing skin, and so exfoliation is the most important step in any fake bakin' to avoid the oompa loompa knee factor!
I rely on Kit Cosmetics for a lot of my cosmetic and skin care needs, so when I heard that they were releasing a Sun Kit range I was excited to see how scrubby the exfoliating tan prep would be. It comes in a metallic caramel coloured 250g tub, and RRP is $29.95 AUD.
Despite this being a 'working' scrub as opposed to a scrub just for fun, the scent is addictive and makes the whole pre-tan ritual really enjoyable. Even those who don't fake tan/spray tan would enjoy using this when they're in need of a good all over body exfoliation. Ingredients like shea butter, lilly pilly, kakadu plum and quandong makes this tub smell creamy in a super beachy sort of way, which is perfect for summer weather.
This is choc full of sea salt particles which make for a super rough scrub, which I generally prefer especially if I'm about to fake tan. It does mean you should use a light hand though, as too much pressure when rubbing the scrub in can irritate the skin. Just means you have to work less to see the benefits!
Straight from the tub, a snow white scrub which goes a long way.
This shot shows how dense the particles in this are, which is why it provides such a great all over exfoliation and eliminates patchy self tanning results. I am maid of honor for Chris' brothers wedding next weekend and you can bet that I'll be using this before I head off to get my spray tan!

Sun Kit Pre Tan Body Scrub retails for $29.95AUD and is available at Kit Cosmetics here. The Sun Kit range also features a luminous body bronzer and a self tanning mousse, which you can check out here.

What exfoliator do you use before you fake tan?
What are your thoughts on fake tanning?

(This product was provided by PR for consideration for review, which in no way affects my opinion of the scrub. Honesty, always.)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for your comment:) It's a great product

  2. Love Kit!! Sounds amazing I may just have to buy and try.

    x x Stace

    1. Kit are amazing, such a fun environment,too. Let me know what you think of it ;P

  3. I've got a Kit Coffee Scrub from a Aussie beauty exchange and I love it! I'm trying not to use it often as I don't know when I will get another one!

    1. I have smelt that one, it is amazing!! I always savour using my favourite hard to find scrubs,too!


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