Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NP Set Launch : Makeup Tips

I was invited along to to the launch of a new set of palettes from the Napoleon Perdis affordable offset, NP Set. NP Set is all about introducing those who may not be experts in makeup application to fun new products and ways to apply them.

NP Set stresses that colour is key, and seeing these palettes reinforces that idea. All of the NP Set products have handy hints on the back of their packaging in order to make it easier to understand for those who aren't beauty obsessed, or those looking to learn a little bit more.

The two palettes are the Red Carpet Set and the Glam Set, and the image in the beginning of this post used a mixture of both blushes from the Glam Set through the crease to create a natural looking eye shape.

The above look is taken primarily from the Red Carpet set, and I love the way the artist paired the gorgeous cheek colour with deep purple and blue eyes, and very glowing skin. The artists stressed the importance of applying mascara first, as they said it creates a good indication of how much work you need to do on the eyes before you begin application.

The artists were amazing, and gave a wealth of tips as they dipped their brushes into the new offerings from NP Set and made masterpieces of the already stunning models. One that I found interesting was when the NP Paris liner was used to squinch your eyes tight immediately after applying, which means that any gaps in the upper or lower lashline will be filled in automatically. I think this is a great lazy lady tip!

Another great tip from the night was an obvious one that is often overlooked, is to blend well. The idea is that you wear makeup to look like you were born with it, not that it was created. I can't say I always follow this rule, as I wear super bright shades that are far from natural! I do try to blend shadows well though, I think it's always worth the effort.

We all grilled the make up artists on their contouring tips, and these images show us watching Val from Ponikuta giving it a go!

I learnt a lot at the event, and will have a closer look at the palettes on the blog next week, along with a face of the day that I created with the palettes.

(Image owned by Val of Ponikuta, please do not reproduce without her permission)

A group shot of the beauty bloggers who attended the NP Set Event! Stay tuned for more information on the new NP Set palettes, and my NP Set FOTD!


  1. that looked like a fun filled educational session. Cant wait for you're other posts.

    1. @thebeautydispensary I really learnt a lot of small tips at the event, it was lots of fun :)

  2. Seems like you all had a great time :) I love the look of those palettes :)
    I love the both looks :)

    1. @shortylegs the palettes are really great, and very affordable too :)


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