Monday, May 14, 2012

Lancome Vernis In Love - Corail in Love

The new Lancome Rouge in Love line was launched recently, and I went along to learn more about the line, whose covergirl is the always gorgeous Emma Watson. I had not realised that the Rouge in Love lipstick line was complimented by complimentary nail shades, some matching lipsticks perfectly! The Vernis in Love line is full of beautiful shades, and I was kindly given the shade Corail in Love (105M) to show you today.

The bottle is slim and tapered, and contains 6ml of laquer. I like the simplistic design that adorns much of the Lancome range, I think it is understated and pretty. The ladies at the event mentioned that Lancome are making moves to gain the interest of a younger international market, and I think launching fresh shades like this with the backing of Emma Watson is a great step by the company.

A stunning muted coral, this applied with ease even for a clumsy nail painter like myself. The brush is nice and widens out well, meaning less strokes are needed for full nail coverage.

Nothing trumps Paris, for skincare and cosmetics. Swoon-worthy!

In full sunlight, was such a lovely day and the fast application meant I didn't miss the sunshine for photo opportunities!

Corail in Love resting on my future father-in-laws beloved carpet of lawn!

Do you wear coral shades on your nails much? I find that it is the colour I love best for my nails, as I tend to wear warm colours that compliment it quite often. This muted shade is much more wearable than my bright shades, and would be a great base for some beautiful white nail art as well.

I am consistently guilty of being 'matchy-matchy' with my makeup, clothing and nail choices. I'm happy to see that the trend is leaning that way, first with this Lancome In Love line and with brands such as MAC also. I love the coral lip shade from this Lancome collection, and think that I will have to purchase it as it is a perfect match with this gorgeous nail shade.

Have you seen the new Lancome Rouge in Love or Vernis in Love line at your local Lancome counter? I'd love to hear what you think of the shade ranges.
For more information on Lancome Australia you can check out their Facebook page here, I will be sharing one of the Rouge in Love lipsticks shortly so stay tuned for that post as well.

Thanks so much for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts on this post in the comments below!

This item was provided as a gift at the launch of this range, which in no way affects my opinion of the product or brand. Honesty, always.


  1. Such a gorgeous nail polish! I love the logo for Lancome, it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast haha I haven't actually worn many coral colours, I should buy one because I feel like I'm always painting my nails the same colour lol xo

  2. Awww that is such a sweet colour. Everything from the in love range is just gorgeous.


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