Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Red Carpet Palette by NP Set

I went along to an NP Set event a while ago, and here I will showcase one of the beautiful palettes the company have launched. To see the makeup tips I learned at the event, click here.
The Glam Palette is the top of this image, while the Red Carpet is the lower, and the one I will be showing you today.
The eyeshadow colours in this palette range from a yellow-toned golden shade to a gorgeous muted blue shade, which happens to be my favourite from the palette.
The first and last shades are stand outs in my opinion, and I think they would be beautiful paired together. These palettes are marketed at people who are just beginning to experiment with makeup, and I think that the shades in this palette are nice to push people out of their comfort zones. The blue-toned purple shade would be beautiful as a lower lash liner to spice up a natural look!
The blushes in this palette are stunning! I love the pop of pastel pink and apricot shade, and they look nice swirled together as well as used on their own. Quite good pigmentation for the brand, and they look just as nice applied sheerly as they do built up for a stronger cheek look.
Swatches of the two blushes.
The palette comes with four lip glosses as well, and while I dislike pans of gloss, I can see people liking the ability to layer up the shades with one another.
The fuschia pink looks great, as does the orange toned red, but the brown toned one with blue based shimmer just confuses me, and I find the clear gloss with silver glitter too chunky to use. I don't find them usable, or good for beginners.

All in all I think these palettes are terrific value for money, and love that the back of the palette has tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the palette. Someone like my sisters or other friends who don't have a large makeup collection would benefit from this compact collection, and the price point of only $29 AUD is a great plus for this palette. As it so happens, I am head over heels for the dusty muted blue in this palette, and have a FOTD coming up with it tomorrow!

NP Set is available at Big W and Target stores nationwide, and these palettes are out now! 

*This product was provided for consideration for review, and I attended this event as a guest of NP Set, which does not affect my opinion or review of the product. Honesty, always.


  1. I've got to post my reviews of these palettes this week. :)

  2. This is such a gorgeous palette! Love the colours!

  3. Loving the blush palette !
    I have only one NP eyeshadow set in my makeup collection. They are such great prices :)

  4. That palette looks gorgeous! I love all the colours in it. Great review :)

  5. That palette looks gorgeous! Love the colours in it :) great review

  6. I love the eye shadows and the blushes :) I often have a hard time with lip glosses that are part of a palette cause they are either too sticky or just not pigmented at all :) That fuchsia one looks lovely though :)


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