Monday, July 16, 2012

A Bitter Pop

My obsession with all things lemon and lime continues with this green eye look! I wanted something bright but after pairing MAC's Bitter with another bright here, I thought I would try it out with something a little bit different.

I concentrated Bitter on the innermost part of my eye, and took MAC's khaki shade called Mink & Sable to the outer V and blended them together. I really liked the pop of colour, and it wasn't as in your face as some of my other bright looks.

When I next attempt this look I am going to try to break up the two colours with a third in the center and taken higher above the lid, to stop it from being such a stark transition from bright to the khaki green shade. To see more of Mink & Sable, see my MAC shadow collection post here.

What do you think of this look?
What colour would you use between these two to break up the look?


  1. I love these colours together! Your blending is seamless and it ensures the gorgeous yellow is the highlight and nothing is competing with it. Great look :)

  2. You have great blending skills. :) Hmm, I thought about it for a while but am not sure what would be a good transition colour! Tricky

  3. This is so pretty and unique! It's quite a challenging colour to wear but you really pull it off, it looks quite soft and understated. Your lashes are amazingly full too :)

  4. I love the yellow on your lids! I have a couple of Shiro Cosmetics yellows that I use for this kind of look. Very summery :)

  5. I'm having eyeshadow envy here! I love how you make it work - I don't think I could pull that combo off...

  6. I love the last shot - so pretty.

  7. love that last pic in particular - so pretty


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