Monday, August 20, 2012

Recreating Myself // My Wildcard Entry for #BBU12

In terms of makeup, I switch up my look all the time. Some days are bright pink lips, other days it is bright green eyeshadow, but the one look I am afraid of, I decided to tackle for Sara-May's Makeup Utopia Wildcard. For those of you who are unaware, Makeup Utopia are hosting a Beauty Bloggers Conference in September and have 2 wildcard spots available... and I want one!
I present to you, my take on a 'dark and vampy' FOTD!
I used matte shades for the eyes as it is something I don't do often, and it forced me to work at blending a lot more than I normally would as well.

I used theBalm's Meet Matt(e) palette for my eyes, with Matt McDonald being the star player! I blended the edges out with Matt Gallagher and used Matt Chung as the hightlight. The lips were courtesy of MAC Plumful, until I thought of something vampier in my collection...
The new Nars Pure Matte lipstick in Amsterdam fit the vampy bill perfectly!

Whilst most of the other Wildcard entries are full on looks, I thought of this challenge as a way to recreate my way of thinking, and stop fearing certain looks! Makeup is all about having fun (after all, it washes off!) and so I'm grateful for this challenge, which has taught me to try all the looks in my head, and not fear new things!

What new things will you try this week?
What look are you most afraid of?

What do you think of my Wildcard attempt?!


  1. You are so pretty!
    Definitely don't be afraid to try certain looks. I used to be afraid of wearing bold lip colors but I tried it and I haven't gone back ever since xD

  2. Beautiful. I think I have that jumper. (;

  3. So pretty and sultry! I love this!! ^_^ Your lashes are amazing by the way!

    I've also entered! Good luck to both of us!! :D

  4. The grey eyeshadow looks lovely! I can't get grey to work on me, I think browns and golds work better.

  5. Vampy indeed, I like it! I'm still scared of dark eyeshadow but hopefully I'll get over that soon...

  6. GAH I'd kill for your gorgeous lashes.

    PS: Hope you win. I need a bag buddy with me in Sydney ;)


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