Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Schick Hydro Silk Razor // Product Review

I've always chosen shaving as my preferred method of hair removal, and was excited to hear about the new razor release from shaving big guns Schick.
The Hydro Silk razor boasts some pretty impressive features such as 5 new curve-sensing blades, ergonomic handle and water-activated serum, all designed to fit the lifestyle and contours of a woman's body. I love the smooth shave that the 5 blades bring to the table, most of the razors I've used only have 3 and the difference is really noticeable.
The razor comes in blue and purple themed packaging, with an extra razor head and a suction grip holder for the shower. I love these extras as there is nothing more frustrating than having nowhere to safely store your razor!
The razor's handle is sleek and very aquatic, the grip section is a welcomed addition (I need all the help I can get with things used in the shower, I'm prone to dropping everything!) and I like that Schick have stepped away from the typical pink design for women. The razor is a little bulkier than others I've tried, but the way it shaves cleanly around the knees and ankles more than makes up for that.
My very favourite feature is the water-activated moisturising serum! It's not like the regular 'moisturising' bars that usually surround the blades of razors, which I think often feel quite rough and don't lubricate the skin well. I find this serum much nicer, it acts like a light shaving gel and doesn't dry my skin out at all. I generally only shave whilst in the shower, so the water-activated features suit me to a tee. I tried this without any other shaving gel and it was quite comfortable, which surprised me. I still prefer to use a shaving gel, however.

At the end of the day, the main things you want from a razor are a close and comfortable shave, a cute design and no nicks or dryness. I am happy to report that Schick has ticked each of those boxes with the new Hydro Silk razor, and I will be repurchasing new razor heads when I've used up the two I have currently.

The Schick Hydro Silk razor retails for $14.25AUD at Coles, Woolworths, selected pharmacies and Priceline.

*This post was sponsored by Schick which in no way affects my opinion or review of the product or company. Honesty, always.


  1. The water-activated serum sounds like a nice touch :) But I pretty much don't shave my legs in winter lol

  2. I actually really liked this razor! I hate the ones with the "built in soap" stuff, cos the soap runs out before I need to replace to razor head so it seems such a waste. I did like the serum though, it leaves skin nice and moisturised! I've also never had a razor with 5 blades (holy moly!) but it seemed to give a really close shave with no nicks or painful razor burn or anything :) I'll definitely be purchasing more heads when my others run out :)

  3. I was pretty impressed with this razor - it's a bit of a step up from my standard 3 blade disposable. The first thing I felt was the moisturizing strip gliding over my skin so I wasn't feeling the blades at all. I had to feel my skin afterwards to make sure I'd actually shaved! I also love how it glides over the contours so not a problem with shaving near my ankles and over my knees. I think I've been converted with this one :)

  4. I was super excited to be picked to review this product. I go from brand to brand to try and find the right razor for me so the chance to try a new one was exciting!
    I have to agree with Emma that the razor does look nice and is quite easy to hold with its grippy handle. And as it was in a pretty blue, it was a change from the normal pinks and purples of women's razors. I was unsure how the water activated part would actually work but was pleasantly surprised with my first swipe that there was no sticking and no cutting, just a smooth slide along my leg. I shaved both my legs, under arms and bikini line (was a little hard to manoeuvre in the bikini line with the large head of the razor) but was happy with the close shave and the lack of need for soap. I have since used it on my underarms again and still didn't need to soap up. I am interested to see how long the water activated lubrication will last, but I am still happy with the close shave of the razor that I would use with soap until it becomes blunt.
    Very happy, and glad it came with a refil, but will be re-purchasing in the future.
    Did also love the shower hanger, it hasn't fallen off my shower wall and smashed into a million pieces since I put it on a few weeks ago, so going good. Nice one Schick!

  5. I love this razor, from the fact I didn't need to hunt out a pair of scissors to get into it, to the hook for the shower, which stops doing that gross gooey thing that happens when you leave it on a shelf, not that it matters because of the clever moisturising strips...

    The handle is very excellently designed, you can see from the above picture than not only does it have a 'grippy' handle but it also has that little hole whcih I found perfect for ensuring I didn't drop it.
    All in all, I found this razor pretty freakin good!


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