Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lively Lilac // Rimmel Lasting Finish NOTD

Lately I have been loving lilac in all of its forms, and most of all adorning the tips of my fingers! I bought a few of the Lasting Finish shades when I hauled polish a while ago, and my favourite from the lot is definitely this one. Lively Lilac is a creme two coater that goes on easily and is the perfect spring or summer shade to brighten up fingers without being a neon. For some reason I adore lilac or periwinkle shades right now, and think they flatter most skin tones from pale (like me!) to deeper complexions.
What nail shades are you loving right now?
Do you wear lilac on your nails?


  1. I love lilac on nails too! So pretty for spring! This one looks really pretty on you!

  2. What a gorgeous spring colour! Argh I need a manicure so bad. Yucky dry winter nails!

  3. I love wearing lilac on my nails as well, I feel like it goes with everything. I have a weird thing where I hate if my nails really clash with something I'm wearing, and I find lilac usually goes with everything. I also love Rimmel nail polishes they have great formulas and are inexpensive x

  4. I love lilac! Any shade of purple does it for me really but when spring/summer hits then it's all about lighter shades like lilac or lavender :)

  5. What a pretty colour! I love lilac!

  6. yeees! i have this exact same nail polish and colour. its such a cute shade...and for $8, it actually applies really well

    im such a sucker for purple shades (:


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