Saturday, September 22, 2012

Platinum Blitz Box from Hairhouse Warehouse // Unpacking and First Impressions

Now that I'm finally getting into taking care of my massive mane of hair, I was elated to see the annual Hairhouse Warehouse Platinum Blitz Box! Each time these boxes are released the ladies in my family go nuts for them, my sister in law in particular is addicted to them as she loves the chance to try new hair care for such a great value.
There are a few different choices with the Platinum Blitz Box, and they are easily identified by looking at the markings on the back of every box. If I could handpick a product to go in my box, I would definitely go for the RPR Make Me Shine spray, as it's a product I'd love to try and don't own anything like.
I received the Goldwell Color shampoo and conditioner, which I have gifted my sister as I am not colouring my hair right now and she colours hers regularly. The other option is the Goldwell Rich Repair set, which I assume is great for dry or damaged hair. I made a commitment to stick to my dedicated anti-dandruff shampoo so am not up for trying something new, but my sister is stoked to have these bad boys!
My Blitz Box came with RPR's Wax My Style, which Chris nabbed straight away to trial. He only does his hair when we go out on the weekends, so he hasn't had a chance to try it out just yet, but I'll get him to review it soon.
This Goldwell Extra Rich 60 Second Treatment is a fruity scented pink leave in treatment that is something I dived into when my Blitz Box arrived. I found it softened my hair, but will leave my full opinion for a proper review later on. I'm really happy to have this in my cabinet!
Also included is a travel crimper, which I am stoked to own! My niece's fight over the one crimper my family owns, and so I am elated to have a mini one of my own. I quite like the idea of crimping the lower layers of my hair to add volume, and some of the new runway looks see the bottom of the hair crimped into crazy town, and I'm looking forward to giving that a go! The comb is also something I am happy to have, it means I can evenly distribute my hair products and not have to brush my wet hair and damage it.
If you regularly get your hair done at Hairhouse Warehouse, this box is immediately worth it with the inclusion of this $20 salon voucher. It's valid for services over $100 and until the end of November. I'm tempted to go in and get some colour treatments to get the dark out of my ends, but we will see how we go!
The Platinum Blitz Box is awesome value, and though not all of the products are suited to my hair type I am pleased with the contents and would happily shell out $30 smackeroos for all of this loot. For $130 value, this is a good excuse to spice up your hair care. It's a limited edition deal, so run to snap up a Blitz Box if you're interested.
How often do you switch up your haircare?
Thoughts on crimping?
*This pack was sent to me by the company, which does not affect my opinion on the product. Honesty, always.


  1. They are such good value! If I didn't have a plethora of hair products to get through already I would be getting one!

  2. Score! I'm pretty bad with switching up my haircare. I hardly ever change.

  3. Gosh this is such good value!!! really want one!


  4. Whoah! $30?! That's amazing value! You could always give the ones you can't use as a gift or something. ;)


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