Monday, September 17, 2012

Ready for Boarding with essence // collection overview and haul

 My loves in life are  (mainly) travel and cosmetics, so essence hit the nail on the head for me with their Ready for Boarding collection.
The only thing that tempted me to buy this was the stunning slimline packaging that is reminiscent of a passport, but the shadows are too pale and shimmery for me and I passed on this.
The imagery for the whole collection is really attractive, the eiffel towers on the makeup bag are adorable and the overall idea of travel is an excellent theme. The collection contains creme blushes, an eyeshadow palette, a range of nail polishes, peel off base coat, wipes, luggage tag, makeup purse and some liners.
Of course it was the blushes which stood out to me the most, the beautiful creme finish lured me in and I couldn't walk away without both of the shades available. The polishes always tempt me but I'm running out of room to store my polish collection, so I showed restraint and only chose two colours.
The creme blushes come in two shades, a bright coral and a red-toned hot pink that is right up my alley for perfectly flushed cheeks. I never use my cream blushes on my lips so can't help you out with that side of these.
There is nothing I despise more than brands who don't come up with creative names for their products, so I applaud essence for taking initiative and thinking outside the square with their shade names! I think Beauty on Tour and Sending You Kisses are really cute and appropriate names for these blush shades!
Of course I had to choose the nail polish that matched my Beauty on Tour cheek creme, I love the idea of tying a look together like this, especially with this stunning coral orange.
Lovely bright colours to bring me into spring with flushed cheeks!
The cheek cremes leave a dewy look on the skin without a great deal of stickiness, I haven't worn them for a full work day as yet so can't say anything about lasting power at this stage.
I adore the idea of a travel inspired collection, and the bargain prices of essence collection means you'd be crazy not to pick up a thing or two to try out from this collection.
essence is available at Target nationally, and I'm pretty sure most of Europe also has access to this awesome brand.


  1. Ohhh those creme blushes look amazing! x

  2. These are so cute! I am really loving Essence atm! I have two of their cream shadows and they are amazing. Definitely want to try out these blushes too. Shame the eyeshadows in the palette were't more pigmented. It's super cute!

    Hannah xox

  3. Oh those blushes are gorgeous! Will be looking into those for sure!

  4. I really love Essence! Can't wait to check this out :)

  5. I bought the coral creme blush from this collection.
    I really like the colour and once blended out, looks nice but I find it kinda difficult to blend. :/
    I was also going to get the eyeshadow palette but the colours didn't seem very pigmented.

  6. Mmmm....those cream blushes are both gorgeous and too hard to resist! I need to check out Target as Priceline is running with a different LE Essence collection.

  7. I wish we got a display like that, we never have testers so I have to comb through them to find ones that haven't been opened and poked at!
    The cream blushes stained my arms when I swatched them, I nearly had to explain 4 pink patches that looked like a rash, to my boss.... makeup remover and 2 showers I tell you...
    Other than that, Essence has done it again! Brilliance makeupified (its a word; shhh)

  8. I just posted about one of the nail polishes from this collection. The rest of this collection looks so nice especially those blushes. Would love to see a complete review on the blushes!

  9. This collection is beautiful! I have never tried Essence before but I really like the look of it. Love your haul X

  10. I really like Essence but like you aren't keen on the eye shadows! I've seen this collection but not tried any yet - now I'm tempted! :) Some Priceline stores stock the brand these days too - a great way to use the Priceline vouchers up! ;)


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