Friday, October 26, 2012

Latex Nails // Rebelizer from essence

 I decided to grab this latex effect nail polish from the recent essence Rebels collection even though I wasn't completely sold on the theme of the collection. Rebelizer is an acid green colour and quite vivid, and because I am out there in my nail colour choices I didn't mind the shade.
 The shade is shot through with pale green shimmer which makes for a very pretty visual.
Despite the back of the bottle highlighting the long wearing claims of this particular formulation, I am sad to say that this was not the case on my nails. This chipped quite badly with a regular old top coat, and though most polishes don't last long on my unkempt nails, this had an even shorter lifespan. Having said that, I haven't tried this with Seche Vite yet, and it may fare better with it.
 Quite yellow in some lights, which adds to the sort of neon edge this has. I do think that this has a latex look to the finish, much like the Illamasqua renditions from collections past. I can't say I am a big fan of the look on my short nails, but I think that some nail art would look wonderful with the bright acid green of Rebelizer.
Would you wear this bright shade?
What are your thoughts on the new nail textures coming out- caviar, velvet, matte, latex?
*I purchased this polish myself. Honesty, always.


  1. I'm quite interested in the new trend for mattes, caviars, latex and velvet looks but I don't think it's very practical. It wouldn't last very long!

  2. The shimmer in the bottle caught my eye too - I haven't tried this yet - I have a ridiculous backlog of products to get through at the moment!!


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