Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Finito's!

Yup, it is empties time again at camp emmabovarybeauty!
I am pleased with my efforts to make a dent in my sample/travel sized products, and I am happy to think that some of these are things I would like to repurchase sometime down the line.
Body Care!
Glad to finish the Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash (sample)*, I thought I had already used up all of my samples but this one was found floating around and I burned through it. I am not a fan of unscented body washes, but this didn't irritate so it might be great for those against scented body washes. I would not repurchase.
The 1SkinSolution Vanilla Bean Body Cream (travel size)* was a delight to use, these last few months have seen me up the ante with moisturising my body and this was such a delicious scent. It's a runny liquid formulation that is moisturising, I will be repurchasing down the track.
The TREsemme Moisture Rich conditioner wasn't very impressive, it wasn't the worst conditioner I've used but it was only passable. I like the feel of Terax too much to enjoy most other conditioners...let me know what you think I should try next?
Lush Too Drunk Emotibomb was sadly a chucker, I bought this who knows how long ago and it went bad. I don't partake in baths often enough to make these purchases necessary, so the next Lush thing on my list is Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, as it is shower friendly.
Spray Fresh Activ High Energy deodorant is one that Chris and I both used. It isn't too strongly scented but the fact that they leave out the 'e' in active irks me. I find it sometimes stings but Chris says my pits need to 'man up', and he has already repurchased.
Rexona Girl Tropical Energy deodorant is my all-time fave, it smells great and does a good job of keeping me fresh. I always have a stock of these in my bathroom cupboard (and already have another emptied for October empties!) so yes, repurchase.
I find the BeautyCareCo makeup pads to be a cheap option to throw in the cart when I am at K-Mart, but they do fall apart more easily than the Priceline branded alternatives. I am almost done with another pack of these (I bought a double pack) and though I prefer the Priceline ones, I will repurchase.
Avene Cleanance Oil-Free Emulsion moisturiser* was something I really enjoyed using during this transitional weather, though I needed something heavier in the evenings this was nice for day use. It made my skin feel smooth and sunk in fast, and I would repurchase this down the track and come back around to using it. It's hard when you change up skincare often, but knowing what I like is a nice feeling.
Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer wasn't even mine to begin with, my cousin lived with us for over a year and left this behind. I loved the way it felt on my skin but don't know if Clinique still make this exact formula...I am tossing this because it's been around forever, but I would repurchase (you know how those Clinique GWP's sucker me in!)
Kiehls Cucumber Herbal Oil-Free Toner* was another travel sized product I was happy to complete, I used this after cleansing to make sure my skin was a clean slate for my serums. I loved the deep green colour of this liquid, and though I find toners hard to see results from, I think I liked this. It lasted forever!
Face of Australia Purifying Cleansing Wipes were a mad sale purchase, I love picking these up when K-Mart are having a $3 off FOA sale and neglect to exclude this wipes. They are thin but sturdy and I mainly use them for swatch clean up and the odd residue wipe off on my face.
How much did you finish this month!?
*Marked products were PR samples or sent for consideration, but the fact I used them up speaks volumes. Honesty, always.


  1. great list, you've gt me interested in Kiehls Cucumber Herbal Oil-Free Toner

    1. @Saumya Thank you, yes the toner lasts for such a long time and they have quite a few gentle options on counter. I have moved onto using the Oil-Free toner from them, but I think I still prefer the cucumber one :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Oh my! Glad I'm not the only one who uses A LOT of products!! I'm keen to try the Kiehl's cucumber toner...especially since it's oil free.

    1. @Norlin I use so much in my skincare routine, I love it now :) The cucumber toner is so nice and soothing, the new one I'm trying has a smell to it which makes me prefer the Cucumber one. Oil-free for the win

  3. So glad you enjoyed the body cream xoxo

    1. @Raelene it is such a lovely formula, well done x

  4. I seem to keep accumulating Tresemme shampoos and conditioners free with magazines but they lie around unused cos I don't love them either. You're thrashing your way through your empties as always!

    1. @Vita I'm moving through my empties at a pace much slower than you lady! You are some major empties inspiration ;p Yes I have so many sachets of hair stuff as well, thinking of giving them away


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