Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Epic Empties for October

I made an effort to use up things in my cabinets that were almost done or at least halfway, and truth be told I am really pleased with myself for using up as much as I have. I’ve split them into categories, I hope you enjoy the mini reviews!
Garnier Anti-dandruff Sensitive Shampoo I have a feeling that they have discontinued this ‘sensitive’ option from the anti-dandruff range, which is a shame as it is the one that works best for me. Doesn’t dry my hair out, and keeps my scalp happy.

Lush Sugar Scrub I must admit that I am not a lover of this Lush product. I didn’t get to use it very much before it turned to mush (despite being kept out of water) and though it left my skin soft, the loose form of it was a bit of a pain and I found it a bit too rough for me.

Botani Spirulina Salt Scrub* This is one of my very favourite scrubs, I love the zesty scent and the way it feels sticky and sloughs off skin well. I rationed this tub out for as long as I could, but am glad it is gone now and I can head out and buy a new one from Priceline (once I’ve used up some other scrubs I have lying around!)

L’Occitane Shower Gel in Captivant* This unisex scent was really lovely to use, the bottle is pleasing to the eye and the gel itself was soft and didn’t dry out my skin. L’Occitane shower products are quite pricey and make nice gifts, but I will be trying out their shower oils next time for something new!

Imperial Leather Foamburst in Summer Zest (Mandarin, Lemon & Ylang Ylang) I quite like the creamy foam that this turns into, and the scent range is all really lovely. For some reason I didn’t quite fall in love with this, though Chris seemed to really enjoy it.

Gillette Satin Care Wild Berry Shave Gel This was a super sweet can of shaving gel, and I found the scent to be quite artificial but enjoyable nevertheless. I think I will try a shave cream next, just to get some more moisture into my legs.

The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel This. Was. Amazing. My MIL brought this back from Thailand with her and wasn’t a fan of the scent so gifted it to me. I used up most of this while in Sydney, and am sad to say that this amazing scent is no longer available =( If and when I see it again, I’m stocking up!

Clear Conditioner I was intrigued and tried this purely because Miranda Kerr fronts the brand, and has awesome hair. This feels very similar to Pantene and Sunsilk conditioners to me, and I found it didn’t nourish my hair very much. These sample sizes are $1 at Coles, lovely to try out new things
without a lot of commitment!

Rexona Girl Tropical Energy Deodorant This pops up in empties all the time, it is my favourite deodorant and I have a stockpile in my cabinet because I pick up a few cans every time they are on sale. I am going to buy the Rexona Clinical Protection deodorant soon, now that the weather is warming up.
The Body Shop Berry Luscious Body Spray In an effort to use this, it functioned as a lovely room spray throughout the house. My sister kept asking what smelt so good, but wasn’t happy when I told her this was no longer available!
Impulse City Collection ‘New York’ Body Mist This was also used as a room spray, and was ironic as my parents were IN New York as I sprayed this here in Australia. Nice scent, but nothing I’d rush out to buy again.

Australis Duet Palette This contains a row of shadows under a row of lipglosses. Most of the shadows are smashed to smithereens, and I despise glosses in pan form, so I am tossing this.

Calvin Klein Lipgloss in Taffy This gorgeous pale pink shade came free with a Strawberrynet order, but was obviously old stock as it has ‘turned’ already. Smells awful, so out it goes.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara sample I loved this mascara, it smells strongly of roses and I love the tapered tip of the wand. I used this up a long time ago but recently stumbled across it in a makeup bag, so am tossing it. I am hoping to get a full size of this for Christmas, as a ‘mascara’ splurge.


Beauty Care Co Makeup Remover Pads El cheapo from Kmart, I prefer the Priceline branded rounds as these fall apart quite easily.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub Minty and yum, this sugar based scrub worked a treat for my flaky dehydrated lips. Chris always asks why I can’t just use my toothbrush like he does, but I think he is just jealous of my sugar hit.

Taut Collagen Orange Drink This concept freaks people out a little, a drink which is supposed to stimulate collagen production which contains shark cartilage. Tastes like yummy orange medicine, but the benefits are unproven for me and I won’t repurchase. This came in a sample subscription box.

L’Oreal Youth Code day cream I was using this way before I was heavily obsessed with makeup and beauty, and I loved the thick but light texture of it. Very hydrating, and I think I would repurchase again and maybe use as a night cream. Very old and pretty much empty, this had to go.
My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid facial sheet masks These come in packs of 2 and I stock up when we visit Thailand. Obsessed with learning about hyaluronic acid lately, I loved getting a shot of hydration with these super soaked facial sheets.
Garnier Clean Sensitive Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Have already shared my thoughts on this here  but suffice to say I will not be repurchasing.
Clinique Superbalanced Foundation To be honest I used this once and forgot to go back for the rest, so can’t comment on the actual product. I like that the sample was in a light shade, however.
Kiehls Clearly Corrective White, Clarity-Activating Toner I was only able to get 3 uses from this sachet, but the idea itself is intriguing and I’d like to pick up a bottle to try it out. I have a comparison post coming up on Kiehls toners.
Kio Kio Frangipani & Puriri / Pacific Tiare and Ti Kauka Body Lotions I have a full post coming up on these, but I really enjoyed the scents and got a few uses from these sachets.
L’Oreal Ever Pure Rosemary Mint Conditioner* Absolutely loved the smell of this, and am trying hard to work through some other conditioners before I run out to buy a full size. Luckily I found a few more samples of it in my stash, so can indulge until I can justify a big tube.
Phew, that is a lot of empties.
How many products did you finish off this month?
*Marked items were provided for consideration. Honesty, always.


  1. wow so many products! good job :)

  2. well done with the empties!

    try the garnier face makeup remover - its in the same range, but is bigger and has half oil and half liquid. It is soooo much better, I love it. I used about three bottles of the face one, and decided to try the eye one... was not impressed. I will go straight back to the face one next. It is more gentle and works heaps better on your eye makeup!

  3. Holy empties girl! Way to go!!
    Rosemary shampoo, hey? I love rosemary anything too! I wonder if we have it here? :)

  4. yay for so many empties! I use body spray as linen spray too to get through it ( I buy they, and then never end up actually wearing them)

  5. That is a lot of stuff! Good job. :D

    I'm using a Fructis anti-dandruff shampoo, too, and it's much better than regular shampoos for the scalp. This one isn't sensitive though and I've never seen that option at our stores.

    And I've been using the Lancome Hypnose Star mascara sample this month but have been applying at the office washroom near some potted flowers. So all this time I thought that the rosy scent was from the flowers and not from the mascara - !!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure how I feel about that because scents near the eyes? But I love it nonetheless.


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