Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Easy Christmas Manicure feat. Essie, BYS, Sally Hansen & Mode Cosmetics

Considering I have tumbled head first into the land of festive spirit, I’m amazed that it has taken me this long to pop a Christmas themed manicure up! I thought I’d start out nice and easy, as we all know I am not great at nail art or anything intricate like that. I used a few festive polishes that have been sitting on my desk staring at me, and I apologise for the sorry state of the skin around my nails. I've been so busy at work and it has taken a toll on my hands more than ever before!
I hope you like the manicure!
For my thumb, I chose to use two coats of Mode Cosmetics Vicious Venom. Not a very festive name, but wow is it a festive shade! As soon as my Mum saw this manicure, she grabbed this off me to borrow it. Hopefully I will be able to find it in the discount bins at the chemist and buy another bottle for her! The pointer finger is also a Mode Cosmetics shade, this time in Kiss and Tell. Again, really opaque which is the perfect type of glitter for me.

The middle finger is a base of Mode Cosmetics Cool  As, topped with Ulta3 Charmed, which is a tonne of fine green glitter in a clear base. This pair went nicely together, more than I actually first thought they would. The ring finger is a base of Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Pink Slip* (see it in action here) topped with BYS Cold as Ice*, which is my very favourite polish right now (You can buy it for $4.95 from Fashion Addict) I think my next mani will be a full hand of this icy look, as I think it is cute, summery AND festive, all at the same time! My pinky finger is kept plain with Essie’s Going Incognito, which is a beautiful deep forest green crème shade.

Which nail is your favourite? Do you partake in a little festive nail fun, or do you prefer to keep them classic?

*Marked items were provided for review. BYS Cold as Ice was provided for consideration from F


  1. I looooove Cold As Ice! I've tried it over black but now I want to try it over a light base like you've done - I'm loving that really icy look :)

    1. @Vita I adore it with a pale base, I just redid my nails with that nail look on every nail and I keep calling them my christmas snowflake nails <3 One of the best polishes I've used all year, for sure.

  2. I can't for the life of me remember what I did for in my nails. I know that my feet had red with some subtle shimmer from Zoya. But love that "cold as ice" and the effect it gives on different nail shades!!


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