Monday, December 10, 2012

Illamasqua : Generation Q

Having been out for quite a while now, the Illamasqua Generation Q collection is something I reach for all the time. Since I am lucky enough to try new beauty products regularly, when certain collections stick around in my ‘everyday’ makeup stash, you know they must be good! I rushed out when the collection launched to buy the Complement palette (swatched HERE!) and was sent the other products to trial. The gloss in Boost is the coolest looking lip product I own, and surprisingly easy and lots of fun to wear. Magnetism is something I tend to reach for when the weather is cooler, and the raspberry tones make it a unique shade in my lipstick wardrobe. Sophie is probably my favourite piece from the collection, it is a shimmery powder blusher in the prettiest coral shade that really wakes up my face and adds light and dimension to it.

I’ve always been a big fan of Illamasqua and would highly recommend their makeovers and products in general. I like that they keep their limited edition collections out for a long time, so it gives you a chance to really dig into the products and review them, while the products are still available to buy. Big win for all! I have my eye on the Gleam in Aurora and the polish in Creator, but I’ll try to be good and refrain from grabbing more from this collection!

*As mentioned, some of these items were sent for consideration, and I personally purchased the Complement palette. In all honesty, they all would’ve come home with me one way or the other ;P


  1. Hi Emma, Sophie looks like a beautiful color --- it's too bad we didn't get it here in the US (only Allure is available!)

  2. Slink is such a basic color but it seems so gorgeous to me!

  3. You've reminded me - I must swatch Creator! :p

  4. I love Boost! It's one of my favourite glosses.

  5. I picked up Magnetism a few weeks ago but I keep forgetting to use it! It's such a gorgeous colour


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