Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spotlight on Kiehl's // Gifting, Ethics and Star Products

There are some brands that have a space in my heart, and Kiehl’s is definitely one of them. I’m not saying that I’ve loved every product I’ve tried from them (some just don’t sit well with my skin) but the majority of their products impress me. Their staff are always approachable and know what they are talking about, and don’t hesitate to hand out samples if you want some. Most companies don’t seem to understand that samples make browsers turn into repeat customers, but Kiehl’s are smarter than the average and get their good rep from word of mouth, and their great relationship with bloggers. I’ve compiled a list of some Kiehl’s products that would make great gifts, some I have tried myself and others I would like to. Hope you enjoy perusing my selection!

Midnight Recovery Eye Cream ($44 AUD for 15ml)
This is my favourite eye cream to date, it smells faintly of lavender and hydrates without causing me milia. I love the squeezy tube and thin applicator, I recommend this to anyone who asks me for an eye cream, from family to twitter friends.

This isn’t something I’ve personally tried, but I love the idea of it and have heard so much about the Ultra Facial range. I love hydrating masks all year round, and this would be the first one I’d pick up if I was to do a Kiehl’s haul.
Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Mask ($38 AUD for 250ml jar)
I haven’t tried any hair products from the Kiehl’s range but this one stood out to me the most. It says it is lightweight and tames flyaways, which is something I definitely need in my haircare routine. I am getting into hair masks and will hopefully enjoy a less frizzy summer this year!
I’ve only tried a sample sachet of this toner, but having used a few of the other varieties Kiehl’s offers this one is the most tempting for me. Claiming to be hydrating while helping get rid of skin discolouration, I really liked how this felt on my face and want a big bottle of this as my next toner.
When a set of the new Aromatics range hit my desk, the Orange Flower & Lychee scent really knocked me for a six. Light, floral and in an easily absorbed lotion, the travel sized bottle now has a permanent place in my handbag. All 4 scents in the range (especially Vanilla & Cedarwood) are just beautiful, and it is obvious that Kiehl’s put a lot of time and thought into the creation of this collection.

I’ve been using this for quite a while now, and the tiny sample bottle has lasted and still has quite a large amount left to go. I find it hard to see the benefits of serums sometimes, but when I use this my skin is happy and more plump than usual. I suffer no adverse reactions and find that while this hydrates, it does not exacerbate oil on my skin. As you would imagine, it goes well as a nightly treatment with the matching eye cream, mentioned above.

Ultra Facial Cream ($34 for 50ml, $64 for 125ml)
This is something I haven’t tried before, but have seen some good reviews and it seems to be a popular line for Kiehl’s. Even though it is summer here in Australia my skin has been quite thirsty, and a nice facial moisturiser like this is something I really like the sound of.

Have you tried any of the Kiehl’s products that I’ve mentioned? What do you recommend from the brand?

*Samples of some of these products were given me by PR over the last year, but the post is not sponsored and everything I have written is honest. Honesty, always.


  1. I've always wanted to try Kiehl's products but they didn't sell them in NZ for such a long time, and when they finally got them not too long ago, I just felt they were far too over-priced in NZ to be purchasing them :(

    But I've been wanting to try the Midnight Recovery serum for such a long time!

    1. @Maria I think they are well worth the money, and quite inexpensive compared to high end skincare lines. It is always good to get a sample before you commit to buying full sizes, maybe ask at your counter and then you can make sure you love the product before you get a big bottle :) The midnight recovery range is pretty amazing, my skin loves it.

    2. Unfortunately I'm in Japan now, so the chances of finding Kiehl's here are slim! But I'll definitely pick up a sample/s of the range if I get the chance. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with my Antipodes Joyous Night Serum :)

  2. I haven't tried many Kiehl's products, but I do have their Acai Damage-Protecting Toning Mist on my 'want list'

    1. @Bailey I find it has been a slippery slope, the more products I try the more I want to try, you know? I had a look at that toner, it seems really nice, but I love the idea of the Clarity Activating one a little bit more :) Thanks for commenting x

  3. Their lip balm is the best! A "sleeper" is the Man Body Scub Soap" - love it too! I would suggest signing up online for their emails. That way you know about promos (20% Friends and Family, etc). Now (in US hopefully worldwide), it's $20 back with $75 purchase.

    1. @tomatefarcie Us Aussie's don't get any sales like that, or cash back deals either =( Sad that we miss out, but the prices have dropped on Kiehl's products so it isn't too bad.


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