Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4 Easy Ways to Feign a Fresh Face

Even though Christmas and New Year celebrations are now behind us, the party season is still in full swing and I think it is safe tos ay that there are plenty of drinks and late nights at this time of year. If you work late and don’t get enough sleep, are a bit of a party animal or are addicted to Temple Run on the iPad like I am, these beauty tips will help you look fresh as a daisy come morning time!
A hydrating mask is one of the key players when you are suffering from a hangover or a late night. The reason your head is pounding and your face is parched is because you are dehydrated, and by applying a good mask and drinking water, you are replenishing stocks. The Jojoba Company makes a mean mask, and this Botanical Hydrating* one is one of my very favourite masks all round. If you are short on time, a creamy but lightweight moisturiser (like Cosmecology’s Hydra Skin) can provide a boost and smooth out your lacklustre skin.

I tend to wear a semi-full face of makeup every day, but if you are short on time and just want to look put together, doing your eyebrows can really make your face seem polished. I switch up my eyebrow routine quite often, but at the moment I’m using an eyeshadow (MAC’s Coquette) with my EcoTools angled liner brush. I also like the BYS Brow & Eye pencil (which is a great bargain!) and I follow up either of these colours with a clear browgel. Touching up your brows, as cliché as it sounds, really does shape your face and help you look sleek when you feel sloppy.

As well as touching up my brows, I find an essential thing to do when I look tired is to apply a mascara that really opens up my eyes. I am a big fan of the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara, but a cheaper favourite of mine is the Face of Australia Impact Curl mascara. It holds a curl on my lashes really well, and is the mascara I recommend to everyone. Another eye saviour is the much revered YSL Touche Eclat, which is now something I use on an everyday basis, even when I haven’t had a late night. I don’t have a big problem with dark eye circles so the light coverage work for me, and it really does brighten up my complexion.

These tips can really help make you look alert when you are hungover or tired after a late night working on the blog. I’d love to hear what products you use to feign a fresh face?

*Marked items were provided for review, which doesn’t affect my review of them. I honestly use all of these, and like/love them.


  1. Some good tips there! I work night shift which means I don't get home until 5am, yet still try to wake up about 11:30am so I don't get a lot of sleep! Really want to try out that first mask!

    Also lovin the VB bottle ;) haha

  2. I always put a light eyeshadow in the corners where my tear ducts are and it always helps to make me look more awake. Also, highlighter on the cheekbones and on the sides of your nose.


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