Thursday, January 3, 2013

Confetti Conga in Zurich!

I was wanting to try out a raspberry toned manicure for new years eve nail practise, and decided to start with  ‘From A to Zurich’  from the OPI Swiss collection from 2010. The shade is a dark rose berry shade that seems red in some swatches I’ve seen. It is more of a raspberry on me, and I was wearing a raspberry pink cardigan when I applied this and it went nicely with it.
I decided to try out one of the glitter polishes that Fashion Addict sent me, and I love the unusual mix of colours that Confetti Conga* contains. Burnt  orange, blue,  hot pink and purple along with silver micro glitter is suspended in a clear base, and I used only a small amount on my ring fingers to jazz up my manicure a little bit.

I must admit that though I am partial to a dense opaque glitter polishes, this sort of glitter is something I’m really glad to have in my collection. I am planning on pairing this with a burnt orange or hot pink polish next, to really take advantage of the glitter inside. I love the name of both of the polishes I’ve used, there is nothing worse than loving a shade and it having just a number or forgettable name.
I don’t think this type of glitter goes perfectly with the rosey shade, but I was still happy with the manicure and think I will wear From A to Zurich with a red glitter next time, and Confetti Conga with an orange base.
OPI is available from David Jones, Myer and Petra stores for $19.95. Confetti Conga and other BYS shades are available from $3.75 from Fashion Addict.

What would you pair with these two shades?

*Confetti Conga was kindly sent to me by Fashion Addict.


  1. Confetti Conga looks pretty paired with ur polish ..

  2. I definitely wanna get me some Confetti Conga. Love the sparkles!

  3. I love the color of that OPI polish :)
    I love the combination of the raspberry red and the sparkle... really pretty :)
    Its so common that we pair glitter with black or other dark colors so that the glitter will stand out more but I think it looks just as good and sometimes even better to pair it with other colors :)

  4. That red colour is so pretty! I think that glitter polish would look great on a pink or gold base coat :)

  5. That colour is gorgeous, Emma! :) I really like OPI polishes but went a tad overboard with the 007 ones which you may've seen, lol!

    I have considered getting the Japanese collection but it's sold now that I think it's going to be a hard task... If I can ,a age to get them, where to store them is another issue lol!

    Hope your 2013 is off to a good start. Hope to seeya in Feb! :)

    Sarah (I can't use name/URL sign in on my iPad for some reason so am signing in as anon - this is Sarah @ abeautifulstory :))

  6. I love the colour of that OPI nail polish, perfect summer colour! Hope you're managing to keep cool, hear it's getting pretty hot over your ways :)


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