Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Haul of 2012

Happy New Year to all of my beautiful readers, I sincerely hope that 2013 holds great things for all of you! I thought I would make my first post for the year a haul post, showing you the things I picked up during the few days after Christmas, my final purchases for 2012.
Chris and I spent NYE AM at Chadstone looking at handbag options for my birthday, and he treated me to a Burberry shadow I’d been interested in for a while. Rosewood is such a stunning colour, I’ll be sure to have a full post on this along with swatches of Pale Barley as well. The Burberry SA was also nice enough to apply Rosewood in store for me, and popped a sample of the concealer in with the eyeshadow. The Covergirl palette was a sneaky supermarket basket treat, and Maybelline’s Sparkling Wine was a cosmetic warehouse bargain.
I hardly ever buy from Lush, but when their 50% off sale rolls around I make it my mission to try some of their products. I needed a new lip scrub so Sweet Lips is now mine, and I also grabbed two bath melts as I’ve never tried a bath melt before! You’ve Been Mangoed and Melting Snowman were my picks.
Even though the last thing I need is more polish, these were $2 each and I couldn’t resist. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in 480 The Real Teal and 460 Wet Cement, K.K polish in 30 and 21.
I’ve always wanted to try the Maybelline palette in Designer Chocolates, and the lipstick in Juicy Bubblegum. Okay, I’ll admit the awesome lipstick packaging drew me right in! 50% off at Chemist Warehouse, sounds good to me! Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation in Ivory is something I’ve used up once before, and was elated to see it on the discount shelf at my local factory outlet.
The last things I purchased in 2012 were some new cheap baubles to dress up my plain clothes. I want to start wearing more costume jewellery this year, I tend to just stick to my regular old diamonds but I’d like to start changing it up a bit! These were heavily discounted from Equip.
What was the last thing you purchased in 2012?


  1. My boxing day shopping this year was a fail, didn't pick anything up. :( I don't think the sales were that good this year. Love the necklaces, I too need to buy some statement pieces to jazz up simple clothing!

    I hope Chemist Warehouse has 50% off still... I want to pick up a few things! I can't wait till you post about the Burberry eyeshadow, they look so luxurious oooooooh :) xx

  2. Told myself to not go anywhere near Lush lest I want everything 50% they have in store hahaha

    Nice haul here :)

  3. Happy New Year Emma! All the best in 2013! You got some great stuff there! And you'll love Burberry Rosewood-it's one of my faves! Heck, I love everything by them though hahahaha!

  4. What a lovely collection of awesomeness! I didn't buy anything after Christmas. I'm saving myself for the US.

  5. Great bargains! :D There hasn't been any sales here in Japan as they don't really celebrate Christmas, but I'm hoping for New Years sales! I just make do with online window shopping so I've been tempted by the Emma Hardie cleanser balm!

  6. I need you to review that Burberry stuff ASAP. ;)

  7. Lovely haul :)
    I LOVE the necklaces.. they are so pretty :)


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