Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vineyard Peach from The Body Shop

I’ll admit it, I tend to go for scents in the citrus and vanilla sphere when choosing a new body butter or shower gel. When the new release from The Body Shop hit my desk, I was intrigued and was happy to get outside the usual fragrance funk and try something new. Vineyard Peach is a special limited edition release from the eco-friendly company, and like the rest of their scent line, this one is a winner!
Smelling like straight up fresh cut peaches, this is heavily scented stuff we’re dealing with. As always, it is the shower gel ($12.95) that steals my heart the most. The Body Shop shower gels are probably my favourite on the market, they lather up the perfect amount and the scents are always in your face, without being in your face, you know? The gel leaves your skin soft and not at all squeaky (nobody wants that, seriously) and the scent sticks to your skin in a delicate and subtle way after you dry off.
A surprising front runner is the body scrub containing ground peach seeds ($27.95) I am generally a fan of the sugar based heavy hitting scrubs from these guys, and this seemed so gentle and creamy that I wasn’t sure it would blossom into a full relationship. Lo and behold, I’ve become accustomed to some exfoliation on the lighter end of the scale, possibly persuaded by the fact that this makes your skin so soft and moisturised, without ANY residue. Big win guys, standing ovation please! 
Now when it comes to post-shower indulgence, The Body Shop brings both a lotion ($21.95)and a thick butter ($27.95) to the table. I like my moisturisation to be intense and worthwhile, so I am definitely rooting for the big ol’ tub of peachy goodness that the butter holds. The lotion doesn’t really do it for me, but I suppose 3 outta 4 ain’t bad?
Since this is a limited release deal, I suggest you take a sniff next time you’re in the vicinity of the eco-haven that is The Body Shop. If it doesn’t tickle your fancy, my uber faves Satsuma and Moringa should be on a shelf close by, so give them some love as well. I don’t mind a long wander in their stores, as they assistants aren’t pushy when they know you just want to stand there and sniff every single scent they have. Not that I do that often…

*These products were provided for consideration. My father in law ate all the peaches so I was stuck with nectarines for this shoot...did you notice? Honesty, always.


  1. These products sound so gorgeous. If I was to get one of these I would naturally go for the body butter, but in this case I'm really liking the sound of the scrub...

  2. I flipping love peach. Right first lunch break back at work I'm going to sniff these puppies. Wahhhhh Peach.

  3. LOL! I didn't notice they were nectarines!

    Yuuuuum x 4! I love anything peach-scented so maybe I should go buy at least the shower gel? Or the butter? Or the scrub? Decisions!

  4. I just ordered two bottles of the shower gel online! I used to adore their Fuzzy Peach shower gel and perfume oil. This is reminiscent of that.

  5. Your photos are fab! I love peach scents...


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