Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An Opulent Valentine

Even though my man and I aren’t doing anything fancy for the most romantic day of the year, I am still planning on wearing a nail shade that makes my heart flutter. Without a doubt, the polish that never fails to make me ooh and aah is OPI’s DS Opulence, from the Designer Series. A permanent but pricier nail range, the bottles are topped with sexy silver lids and have a luxe feeling.  I’d say that this shade is my one true polish love, even though the bottle actually belongs to my mother in law. It is a stunning pink with a mauve tone, filled with holographic shimmer. The effect is subtle, but makes the polish something really special.
Now it is your turn! Share your one true polish love in the comments below, and we can polishgasm our way through Valentine’s Day together!

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