Friday, April 26, 2013

Blush Duos : The Beauty of Two Shades in One Palette! // Illamasqua Katie/Ambition & Lover/Hussy

Blush is a definite weakness for me, and so when one of my favourite brands brought out 2 blush duos, you can bet I was elated! I bought the Hussy/Lover duo before it officially came out with the Illamasqua I’mPerfection collection, as the two shades were often lauded on other blogs and I was aching to try them. I wear the orange-apricot Lover more than I wear the strongly pigmented Hussy, and I think it looks great with neutral eyes and a peachy lip.

The other newly released duo was atop my wishlist when it landed on my desk soon after the release. I love that Illamasqua paired a rare shimmer formula of Ambition with the pale pink matte Katie. Having the option of matte or glowy cheeks in the one palette is quite a cool concept, and I had been wanting to get my hands on Ambition for a long time so am glad that need was satisfied.

Katie, Ambition, Lover, Hussy
I have heard a few people say that Katie is too pale a shade to be included in a palette like this, but as I am extremely fair I am happy with the choice of blushes in each of these. Now that I’m looking at my swatches, I don’t know why I don’t wear Ambition and Hussy more often as they are simply beautiful! I have had great success with all of the Illamasqua products I have tried so far, particularly the blushes which I find blend beautifully and last really well on my cheeks.
-Great for people who don’t find themselves finishing whole blush pans
-Easy to try two shades from a quality brand at a lower price ($39.00 AUD at Myer!)
-Popular shades from a known brand
-A good way to branch out into shades you might not have bought individually
-Katie may be too pale for deeper skin tones
-Some may not like both shades within a palette
-Only two colour options at this point in time
-Hardcore beauty lovers might already own some of the shades
-Precision needed when using a larger blush brush in between both pans
What are your thoughts on the idea of blush duos?
Have you ever finished a pan of blush before?

*One duo was provided for consideration, the other I personally purchased. Honesty, always.


  1. I have not finished a pan of blush yet. Haha. But up until recently I have had most of those blushes... until I swore off Illamasqua powders (they break too easily - I can see your Lover is a little loose in the palette?) and will now only get their cream blushers. Love Illamasqua still!!

  2. I havent tried illamasqua blushes but i really want to! I am not very adventurous blush-wise. I need to try neutral blushes or even venture out on lighter ones just for fun.

  3. So pretty! I sure wish we had a counter here in Canada! I think they are FINALLY going to in the Fall and I am SO EXCITED!

  4. I love Illamasqua blushers. Ambition is gorgeous x

  5. They look gorgeous - being pale like you I would be fine with Katie. Tempting, very tempting. I would seriously consider this if I didn't already have a drawer full of blush!

  6. I have the Katie/Ambition duo, even though I am really pale, I am still not a huge fan of Katie. But I LOVE ambition! I like the look of Hussy as well, but haven't tried it :)

  7. I just love the look of these duos. Ambition looks like a future

  8. Love these duos since I'm a fan of palettes. Definitely don't need giant pans, even though they're very happy-inspiring. Enjoy your blush. :)


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