Monday, April 8, 2013

Willow for Dermalogica

There isn’t much I love more than beauty products and dreaming about designer brands, so as you can imagine I get quite excited when the two combine. At a recent launch event I was introduced to the brand new gift with purchase that Dermalogica have set up with fashion house Willow for the month of April, and I was really impressed with the quality of the goods! Usually GWP’s come in a great makeup bag, but this is the first I have come across that include a genuine, buttery leather clutch with some travel sized samples tucked inside. I love structured bags like this one, I definitely prefer it to a long line clutch so I was elated to take one of these designer bags home with me on the day. This clutch is yours with any Dermalogica purchase over $100, and being a fan of a stack of Dermalogica products I thought I would tell you which ones are the best!
First off, you NEED the Precleanse! Originally reviewed here , this is a runny oil substance that whisks away makeup and prepares your face for your cleanser. I am addicted to this and find it super hard to cleanse without it now that I’m hooked. Another product I love is the Skin Prep Scrub and the Daily Microfoliant. If you prefer physical scrubs, Skin Prep is the way to go as it is chunky but still doesn’t aggravate the skin. Those who love chemical/fruit enzyme based exfoliants should go for the microfoliant, which is a powder that you work into a paste and it eats away at the dead skin cells for you. Both are great and I alternate them depending on which I can be bothered reaching for, so they are great options to get you on your way to earning this amazing gift with purchase.

Now mark your diaries, Aussie ladies! To celebrate the exciting collaboration, Dermalogica are holding an event with champagne, canapes and free on-the-spot treatments in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I’ve popped the details and invitation below, and will hopefully be making my way down to the Melbourne launch to play with some new Dermalogica products and perhaps get my face mapped!

Let me know what YOUR favourite Dermalogica product is in the comments below, or tell me about a product you’ve tried from the brand. Are you planning on heading down to see the amazing Willow clutch in person?

*I was a guest of PR for the Dermalogica event and was gifted the clutch and travel sized products while there. Honesty, always.


  1. I love the Precleanse! It's so good at removing make up and I love how it doesn't strip the skin!


    1. @Sarah Jane
      It is such a lovely formula isn't it? if I am feeling cheeky I just cleanse with that and it still does such an amazing job :)

  2. I saw this being advertised today, but the way they photographed the clutch made it look like it was more a flat, almost square-shaped envelope-type clutch than what you've pictured! I think it's a really pretty colour though :) I haven't tried any Dermalogica products, not sure where to start. Though I have heard good things about the Daily Microfoliant :)


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