Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cheeky April Purchases

I was a little better with shopping this month, though I did go way overboard in the nail polish section…for some reason I feel less guilt when I buy polishes, so even though I bought a lot I’m happy to say that most of the nail polishes were on sale!

I’d been lusting over the newly released Dior Addict glosses that have been reformulated and Chris decided to treat me to Princess to celebrate my first few weeks of student teaching. The Dior lady was lovely and let me try on a few of the shades before I settled on Princess, and threw in a stack of fragrance samples for us to try! I will definitely be returning to purchase from her from now on, a great Myer experience can sometimes be hard to find. I posted about my essence haul here, and I’m loving the two beautiful blushes that I picked up.
The essence shadow is a matte white that I picked up to use as a brow bone shade, and I’ve been using it every day to blend out my eyeshadow. The Rimmel Match Perfection cream gel was a score from Cosmetics Direct, it was on sale for $8 as it has sadly been discontinued. I’m hoping to make a stockpile of these as it is my very favourite foundation formula, and I also picked up a nude NYC lipgloss which is floating in a handbag somewhere!

It is quite evident that nail polish was my weakness this month, with far too many bottles entering my collection. At this rate, I’ll need a Helmer (or two!) to store them all! I was struck by the Covergirl polish in Midnight Magic and took it home with me as soon as I came across the newly launched stand. Sadly they are now BOGO so I missed out in that respect, but I am still happy to have had this little guy come home with me.
The OPI polishes weren’t purchased by me, but came to me by way of a voucher I won from MyHairCare.com on Don’t They Know Who I Am? I had my eye on a few of the new OPI collections and so chose to grab a shade from each to satisfy my polish appetite. I hardly ever treat myself to OPI (since they are $20 a bottle here) and so I was elated to get my hands on Which is Witch from the Oz collection, You’re Such a Budapest from the Euro Centrale collection and Pink Yet Lavender from the Mariah Carey launch. The rest of the loot are a mixture of Priceline's 40% sale and some gifts from Chris.

I am a huge fan of the Bloom nail polish formulation, so when I spotted the stand selling for $0.83c a piece, I jumped in and filled up my basket! A stack of ‘similar in the bottle but different on the nail’ shades came home with me, and I’m excited to use the lighter shades to brighten up some of my dark winter outfits as well. I love that these are all named after places around the world, and I hope that these are just discontinued shades and that Target aren’t pulling the brand from their stores (like they have with Australis, sadly!)

 A few random buys to round off the month! An Olay Touch of Sun face lotion and a terrible Rexona parallel import from The Reject Shop, along with a beautiful faceted bead statement necklace from Diva. I’ve been eyeing off a similar piece from Lovisa that refuses to go on sale, so I snapped this one up to wear while I wait.

What did you purchase in April?



  1. So many polishes! Haha and the Bloom ones for 83c :o how could you not!

  2. Wow, that's quite an impressive haul! I am itching to buy a Dior lipgloss, but for now I think I might have to make a trip to Diva today to see if I can find that gorgeous necklace!

  3. Lovisa necklace looks great!
    And Bloom nail polish for 83 cents! Wow they must be clearing them out.. I'm off to go look LOL.

  4. Lovely haul! The nail polishes look nice, and I really wanted to pick up some items from the Essence collection but couldn't :(

  5. Bloom nail polish for 83 cents?!? Wow you did well with that haul Emma! xo

  6. After reading this I went out to my local Target and bought 3 of the Bloom polishes and they're all gorgeous! I can't believe they are so cheap! Thanks for the recommendation!


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