Friday, June 14, 2013

What's in my Shower // The Pink Edition

I did not intend for this edition of ‘What’s in my Shower’ to take on a primarily pink theme, but when I snapped the images I saw that they all shared the same hue so I decided to embrace it! Since taking these photographs I’ve actually finished up a few of the products, but I still wanted to show you the great shower products I’ve been using, so here we go!

I can’t go without a few shower gel options, so L’Occitane Ravissant shower gel* sits alongside Bodycology Sweet Pea and they are both deliciously floral and sweet, with the L’Occitane having more of a floral + citrus twist. I also had a few sample sized Soap + Glory products floating around (some of which featured in past empties) and though I wasn’t a fan of the Clean Girls shower gel, I quite liked the Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em tub which smelt artificial yet deliciously expensive. I would definitely recommend The Breakfast Scrub* over Scrub of Your Life for both scent and texture, but I think any Soap & Glory scrub is well worth a try to be honest and the travel sized versions available at Kit Cosmetics make it so easy to dip your toe into the brand.

I have my very favourite cleanser sitting front and centre, the Fab Pore Hot Cloth cleanser* works so nicely with my skin and we are in the midst of a love affair as I type! Speaking of love affairs, the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil* really exceeded my expectations (which were high to begin with, great work L’Occitane!) as both a shower oil and a shaving oil. Let me tell you, when your shaving oil smells this good your legs will be smooth more often, just so that you can relish in the amazing sweet almond scent – sigh,heaven! This is on the ‘definite repurchase’ list, no doubt.
Continuing with the pink trend, I’ve been trialling the new Kerastase Cristalliste* range (thick hair version) and I’m happy to report that the conditioner leaves my thick crazy mane soft and silky, though the texture of it is thinner than expected and needs a bit of muscle to escape the tube. The shampoo surprisingly didn’t upset my scalp as much as I thought it might, my head acts out against any shampoo that isn’t Garnier (and that includes hating all other dandruff shampoos!) but it tolerated this one quite fine. Hurrah for schmancy hair care that makes me feel like a French lady wink wink.
What would you steal first from my shower loot?
Does your shower also resemble the aftermath of a pink fairy explosion?
How many shower gels do you have on the go at once?

*Marked items were provided for consideration, but not planted for post purposes, I promise! Honesty, always.



  1. I actually have the Fab Pore cleanser in the mail to me so I am very excited to get using that! I am also so tempted to buy the Breakfast scrub!

  2. Alas it isn't but I want a pink shower stash too!

  3. There's a bit of a pink theme going on :)

  4. Oh soo much pink, I love it :) x

  5. I would steal all of your Soap and Glory products for sure, lol!

  6. I think Id snatch the Soap and Glory things :D they seem to be wonderful :)
    My products in the shower also lean towards pink but there are also a whole lot of orange :) We have a lot of loofahs though and those are the most colorful ones :D
    I usually 1-3 shower gels going on at the same time :)
    Btw, I have given you the Sunshine Award on my blog :)

  7. loved the post Emma :) I would steal all the Sopa and Glory products s I haven't tried any :)

  8. Wow you truly have a pink shower collection:) What a fun coincidence. I love Soap & Glory, it's such a fun brand and their products always work. The Kerastase looks divine! I'm using Redken at the moment and my hair is in love X

  9. I've heard really good things about the Breakfast scrub - I think it's pretty good value as well (I believe it's $18.95) for the amount you get. But I don't really do body exfoliating on a regular basis - I'm more about the face and kind of neglect the rest of the body in terms of skin care. I do want to try that Hot Cloth Cleanser though!

  10. There's so much soap and glory in your shower! I love the Breakfast Scrub!


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