Monday, July 29, 2013

The Perfume Purge

Now that the SOLD sign is up and our settlement date is less than a month away, I have decided it is time to try to use up as much of my beauty loot as I can before we move into our first home. Rather than taking all the bulky half-finished products with me, I hope to have them done and dusted and be able to celebrate with a big ol’ empties post! The first products I’ve set my target on is my perfume stash, which is overtaking space right now…
Though I love having lots of perfume bottles to enjoy and will continue to have a good rotation happening, it is time to get rid of bottles with nothing but a dribble left inside, or those that I like but don’t really love.

FCUK For Her is a total cheapie that you can pick up for peanuts at most perfume stores, and mine was a gift from my brother long ago. It’s a nice enough scent, but nothing amazing, so it should be easy enough to use up.

Paco Rabanne Black XS For Her was the signature scent of my cousin when she lived with our family for a few years, but now that she is back in the UK my Mum grabbed a bottle of this sweet stuff to use. Sadly it was too strong for her, so I nabbed it and really like the way it smells on me. It reminds me of my feisty cousin, and has notes of cranberry, pink peppercorn and cocoa blossom.

Vera Wang Princess was my most lusted over product for a long time during my teen years. The sweet vanilla fragrance is still something I love, but I’m not sure if I’d buy this again these days. This is my second bottle, and I love the shape of this range (I actually received Glam Princess as a gift recently!)

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean is a musky floral sort of scent, and every single time I wear it someone comments on how great I smell. Reason enough to buy a big bottle in the future, right?!

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle is yep, you guessed it, essentially rose! Powdery and beautiful, this is one of the few perfume bottles I actually purchased myself. I really only receive perfume as gifts from family members (sometimes requested, sometimes random) but it is rare for me to hand over dosh for a bottle myself. I think I would buy another bottle of this in the future, and because it has the most juice left I think it will be harder to use up in this time frame.

I have my eye on some body mists from Hollister so these being gone should make space for them – has anyone tried a Hollister scent? How often do you finish up perfume bottles? Do you jump from scent to scent as well, or are you loyal to one or two favourites? Give me your scent recommendations in the comments below, I would love to hear of some new bottles to sniff at the shops.


  1. I jump around a lot, but having said that, there are some that I have been neglecting a bit as they aren't on my favourites list!

    I am presently loving Elie Saab, Thierry Mugler Alien and Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose.

    Marc Jacobs Honey is on my list to sniff when it comes out, but I've heard it doesn't last long on the skin, which is a shame. Same problem I have with Dot!

  2. I really should be doing this too. I have so many half-used bottles that I really need to either use or throw away. Sigh.

  3. Oooh how exciting! Moving is a great time to reassess your stash and do a cleanup cull. I love Kai, L'Eau D'Issey, and Gucci II

  4. Seem like a bunch of lovely scents..Paco Rabanne seems most interesting to me :)
    I have three scents that I jump between now a days.. I did a post about my best summer scents yesterday :)
    My favorite scents come from Avon, Yves Rocher and The Body Shop :)

  5. I jump around a lot - I can't resist a good sale and a good smell! At the moment I have Marc Jacobs Daisy (becoming my signature smell), DG Light Blue, SJP Lovely, Vera Wang Princess, those colourful Mariah Carey ones, Kardashian something or other,Pure DKNY rose and a few more. It sounds like a lot, but when I scatter them around, I look like a less of a hoarder :P

  6. I jump from scent to scent all the time - not sure if I've ever finished up a perfume, though some definitely are more favoured than others. I remember being really attracted to the packaging of the Vera Wang Princess perfume, though I think I'm a bit too old right now for their primary audience :p A colleague wears Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean - it smells really good on her, as I'm sure it does you!

  7. I try not to have too many scents on the go at once - mainly because of the lack of a real dressing table and the lack of bathroom bench space! Good idea focusing on using a few up before the move :)

  8. Good luck! Last year I went through and used up all of my half empty perfumes, it's so nice to get rid of them!

  9. I absolutely love Vera Wang's Princess. It was one of my most used perfumes previously until I finally finished it. I may need to convinve hubby to buy me some more soon :-)


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