Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Turning Violet // Introducing A New Sample Box - Violet Box!

A little delayed, but a post musing on beauty boxes is something I always like to read so here it is anyway! Violet Box is the latest subscription sample to hit Australian shores, and I was sent the launch box to peruse and use. Here are my thoughts!

The packaging was nice, the box itself is sleek and black with (not surprisingly) violet branded imagery, and it is sent in a white branded box wrapped around the black which I thought was a nice touch. I was happy to see makeup in the box, as with many other sample boxes I’ve tried makeup is often the lacking component that ruins the experience for me. Of course, a beauty box wouldn’t be complete without an Avene sample (seriously, they are everywhere!) alongside a John Plunkett Glyco Peel that contains 25% glycolic acid. I have had great experiences with the John Plunkett brand in the past and like trying peels like this, but I think if someone not skin savvy were to get this it might be a bit dangerous. It was one of the best inclusions in the Violet Box for me though, and I am looking forward to trialling it.

A perfume sample never goes astray for me, and I’ve not yet tried Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty so that was a thumbs up from me. I know many people dislike perfume samples in boxes they pay for (since technically we can all get them for free…) but I enjoy trying new fragrances in this lazy way, plus it seems more of an add on than a proper item so it’s not too bad. A small bottle of Argania Oil for Hair might be nice for my hair it is looking a little crazy right now and the Lash Control Squeezable Clear Mascara will be designated for brows. I think it is a pretty cool concept squeeze squeeze awesome brows but we will see how we go. The star of the box would have to be the Calvin Klein Gloss Eyecolour which is a glossy + translucent bright blue shade. I would have preferred some of the more neutral shades that other boxes contained, but these sample boxes are all about trying new things so a bright glossy eye it is!

 I am still torn between wanting to save my money to put towards high end products, and the fun of receiving a surprise parcel full of treats in the mail. Do these sample boxes make you feel the same?

What are your thoughts on sample subscription boxes like Violet Box?

Which product is the best from this launch box, in your opinion?

This box was provided for review of the launch. Honesty, always.



  1. I'm with you, the CK glossy eye colour looks like a winner. Can't wait to see how you go. I really like the idea of these sample boxes and I subscribe to the Lust Have It! box, which like all of them, can be hit and miss. I've found the last few really handy though, and used pretty much everything in there. I think the makeup included in these needs more work, too. So many things out there that we may never get to try otherwise!

    1. @olgiepolgie I think it will make a really nice easy summer eye when the weather heats up again, or as a base for a navy smoky soon. I used to subscribe to Lust Have It but saving for a house sort of put an end to it. I like trying new products out with boxes like these :)

  2. I've been eyeing off Bella Box for ages, but keep hearing bad reviews, so I've held out trying them... Kind of exciting to know there's an alternative!

    Now to just convince my boy it's worth paying for samples...

    1. @Sarah You know, I've only seen a few reviews of Bella Box and I can't remember much about them...I like having options with boxes like these! I think if you market the items as 'travel sized' you might have a better chance of winning him over ;)

  3. We hope you enjoy trying the John Plunkett Glyco Peel Em! It truly is fantastic. Hello glowy skin!!

    Take care,

    The Plunketts Team xx


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