Saturday, December 21, 2013

#dayinthelife ft. Melbourne City trip and mini haul

I've never done a post like this before, but I find them fun to read so when Mister Bovary and I went out last weekend I decided to snap some pictures to take you along with me. Hope you enjoy!
Had a wee sleep in before getting up to clean the house - vacuuming is my most-loved chore, what is yours?
Advent calendar time! I think the little elf on the calendar looks just like Mister Bovary but he disagrees, teehee!
Took a train into the city to see the Myer windows (gingerbread theme this year, and the line was absolutely humungous!) and stumbled across Santa Land!
Cheeky snap of Mister B in his very favourite 'beauty' store, Lush on Swanston Street! His favourite products are the wobbling shower jellies, they smell amazing.
Stopped to watch some pretty cool beat boxers busking in the street.
Had a quick look in Sportgirl and saw that they have new cream blushes out, and some eye crayons that I was mighty tempted by! I wanted to test the pink blush shade but they didn't have a tester out so I didn't end up buying anything.
Swoon, there is nothing like a nice wander through the makeup sections of Myer and David Jones. Nothing really jumped out at me apart from the new Laura Mercier White Magic collection, especially that metallic lilac shadow in the front there.

Food time! Finally dragged him into Ajisen Ramen in Melbourne Central after saying I would take him there for months! (As an aside, I totally coerced him into wearing his Melbourne shirt today - ha!)
Our entrees weren't that impressive, I ordered fried tofu with miso sauce and he ordered gyoza but really didn't like the strong flavour. I ordered my usual Sake Don (salmon teriyaki with rice) but ordered some extra sauce this time. He ordered the ribs and said they were really yummy, so overall the meal was a success in my book!
A little bit of $2.80 haulin' never killed nobody... (Daiso baby!)
Loving the festivities in the air, gave me such a Christmas kick!
A city trip isn't complete without a jaunt in Starbucks, and having coffee with Mister is one of my favourite things to do any day. I should've ordered a caramel frappucino like Mister Bovary did, but instead I went 'cute and festive' and got a gingerbread latte. Ergh, totally had to force it down and definitely won't be ordering again! Would much rather the maple latte from Gloria Jeans at this time of year.
Peek my head in the corner there, ha! Took some cheesy tourist-y shots with the drummer boys outside the hall. You know you are a beauty blogger when you instinctively spell it 'haul' over 'hall', right?
Home time and chilling in the lounge looking at our beautiful Christmas tree! That little bear ornament is holding a sign that says 'Charlie' <3
Weekends mean time for a brush, and Charlie just won't let go of his beloved Santa toy that my sister bought for him.
My Daiso mini haul: basketball jersey for Charlie boy, tape dispenser, dog nail scissors, star cookie cutter and melamine tray.
The rest of my haul! Cute costume necklace to wear to a party, some festive hair clips to fit in with the crazy head pieces at work, and a Rimmel Space Dust and Savvy blush from the Mister (Swatches of the polish are in yesterdays post!)
After dinner we popped on one of my favourite masks, the Michika Anti-Fatigue*, while Charlie hung out with his toys. A paper face mask has this relaxing appeal to me so we have a weekly sesh with them whenever we can.
Perhaps I will blame this dessert on the need to get the taste of Starbucks gingerbread latte from my mouth and the memory from my mind? Nevertheless, my chopped apples topped with Itha's Gourmet Foods Brandy Butterscotch dessert sauce* (150ml for $8) was delicious, and I'm a big fan of the Vanilla Bean Custard Flavour too. Even though I've done all my Christmas shopping, I'm thinking that one or two of these would make a great hostess gift for parties in the new year?

What do you do when you head into your capital city?
What 'hostess gifts' do you think take the cake?
Did you find my lazy 'day in the life' interesting to read? Would love your feedback as it is the first I've ever done!

Emma @ emmabovarybeauty



  1. Love this post Emma, I thought it was cute! My bf avoids Lush, he has to block his nose every time we walk past! Sounds like an amazing day out, wish I had gotten to see the Christmas festivities in the city! Please do some more of these posts!! Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year xx

  2. It looks like you had a lovely time! Haha, can totally relate with the haul vs hall issue! x

  3. Oh how fun to have a day out like that! The only calendar I'd want to covet is the one from Benefit that more than $100 singapore dollars here! I'd totally die to have that so I can sample all the beautiful products! I really like your photos, that lunch looks like it was very tasty, japanese can go both ways if you're not used to the flavors, mostly very mild but miso and some of their sauces can be strong! I love that blush you got, so raspberry like! singapore is tiny so the island, is the country is the city! But when I do go "into" the downtown part I like walking in and out of shops and eating at my favorite chinese places which can't be found in the heart lands!

  4. Hey Emma, Merry Christmas! You look like you had tons of fun and I love your haul. Your doggie is so cute.

  5. I loved reading this post :) It seems like you had a wonderful time :)
    My fiancé lives in Helsinki and that is where the only LUSH shop in Finland can be found. Before I went visiting him he went to LUSH and bought three bath bombs. He used one himself that evening but he saved two for me. Dunno the name of them cause it did not say on the lil bag and he did not save the receipt but they were SO AMAZING!! :)
    Charlie is so incredibly adorable :)
    What I do when I head in to our capital city. Well since Freddi lives there I spend time with him but there is also a lot of lovely things to do... especially during summer time. A lot of lovely restaurants and there is Korkeasaari/Högholmen... a zoo. Oh and Sea Life.. an aquarium :)


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